How Self-Driving Trucks Will Change the World with Robert Brown and Jon Panzer


Robert say what's up to fire nation and let's explain the logistics industry to an outsider. Awesome well thanks for having me Logistics industry is incredible It's a trillion dollar industry in the us You know especially the trucking industry is saying if you bought it. A truck broaden Seventy percent of all freight is moved on trucks And then also trains and all sorts of the planes trains and automobiles in this immense amount and as everyone during covid with the increase of ecommerce and everyone expecting their stuff out hours if you order it. Rather than days An amazon really driving that through competitors senior huge announcements from walmart target an incredible amount of pressure on a already stress system You know and and getting stuff around this country is an important part of food security and you know on of course just convenience now we demand that you know our shipping rather than day shipping and Just an incredibly vital part of our economy and workforce You know just a millions and millions. America's are are employed by our transportation industry as well. It is incredible. I've actually lived down here in puerto rico for four years now so i was here during hurricane maria and it just blew me away that after hurricane maria like we still had the logistical capability to get food across this island with just like this unbelievably rural roads and mountains and all these different things but they were still able to make things happen to me. I was actually an armor officer in the army for two years and then my last two years in the army. I was a logistics officer. So i went to four uses to logistics schools. Well so i definitely have a little background in that. It's been it's been a while. Now thank you for your service though. that's cool. I appreciate that in the introduction. I shared with fire nation. Everything that you're responsible for which is a lot. Can you break down for fire. Nation your current business model so right now. We are the largest autonomous truck. Company in the entire united states with wapping forty trucks so kind of tongue-in-cheek because if anyone that knows the tracking industry that is You know it's not very much. But you know i it. Still a new industry and right now. We retrofit internationals and peterbilt trucks with our technologies with cameras and light ours and all sorts of great sensors and test the software that we're developing along with all the all the hardware as well every day Between kind of book any between phoenix arizona and dallas texas We haul cargo for folks like ups did a pile with the united states. Postal service Clean foods Arizona food bank and so we get real world testing and also what's nice about too is out there driving around trucks. you know. we're actually a purpose building. The technology with the design of what they call. Sad levels for basically for folks. that aren't familiar with this levels. Which is probably ninety. Nine point nine percent of the population that is kind of the levels think level five jetsons car can go anywhere with the robot level. Four is is really cool. It can go without a driver but it's defined route so between that. Ups facility in phoenix to the ups facility paso texas. We have the map that you can kind of think of it putting down a digital railroad and then the truck can run a thomas lee on that digital railroad where we map so it can't just on a split decision. Just take off to another location in in that kind of thing but The the technology and the business use case think repeatable routes high volume which is great for the long haul trucking industry. And that's the problem. We're trying to solve this great technology. So i'm actually one of those people who walks around saying very loudly. I cannot wait for the day. That every single moving vehicle is driverless. And whenever i come across somebody. That's like i will never get into a driver's car. I go. you are a crazy person because if you honestly believe the headlight you'll realize how horrible human beings are driving. It is so so bad. it's so so bad. I mean and smartphones with texting social media. It's only getting worse. I can't drive a car with a looking at who in passing and nine times out of ten their faces in a phone. I'm like you're literally driving a car right now. What is happening. You know we were chatting before you know the community. I live in a beach community. And you're taking your life in your own hands on the street. You your head on a swivel dodging. 'cause you have no idea someone's going to see that. Stop sign or see you. Also the as. I'm speaking to on ice bar smartphone. And do everything on my smartphone. They've created distracted driving this caused headaches and a half you know for safety for pedestrians and also you know cars and trucks on the road

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