Seattle police arrest 8 people after election night marches


Eight people in election night protests in Seattle, but overall, the protests were peaceful combos. Matt Markovich tells us about the police tactics used on the marches that appear to have had nothing to do with the election. Seattle police took more of that aggressive. Proactive approach they've been talking about to remove the marchers and their car brigade that was blocking Mercer Street in South Lake Union with the two groups were not moving fast enough. This is a kind of warning that we heard from the lieutenant in charge of firearm food. food. If If you you don't don't you you do do not not materials. materials. However However property destruction or less. In addition, arrest remain. Offenses included property damage, malicious mischief, resisting arrest, obstruction, reckless driving. The crowd began to disperse is about 50 officers kept pushing about at that 500.50 protesters up toward Capitol Hill near Cal Anderson part the evening. Marchers say everything was peaceful until SPD band there push in that very fast fashion. We were told by some of the marchers at no chemical agents. We're being used by SPD on the crowd. What about those eight arrests of the ones that appear to be identified as the protesters on Ly one served overnight in jail? The rest released in about three hours. Oregon

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