I Think, Therefore I Am...I Think...Can You Control Your Thoughts? W/Bonus Analysis Paralysis

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Which is rated among the top ten psycho psychology journals in the world and their study entitled positive. Self statements power for some payroll for others made world headlines. Why because it showed that people with low self esteem actually feel worse after repeating positive self statements such as i am lovable or i will succeed now when i've talked about this in the past. I think that went right over that part this as people with low self esteem so people with low self esteem actually feel worse after repeating these positive self statement so there is room there that if someone is overly confident and they are saying these Positive self talk self messages and motivational quotes in that. Works and it works consistently then go with it Do i have some positive things on my mirror at home absolutely i. I'm not saying that. I feel like oh you should not have anything positive around you you. It's a great idea but it's win those things don't work or win. Those things caused you to feel less than that. We really need to take a look at it so going back to this study in psychological science magazine said rather than being helpful. These positive thoughts typically triggered a strong negative reaction and a resultant low mood for example if a participant with low self esteem send herself. Excuse me. I am a lovable person. Her mind would answer back. No you're not and then run through all the lists of ways in which. She was not loveable. Not surprisingly this would make her feel even worse than before now on the other hand when these participants were told okay to have negative thoughts about themselves their moods lifted. So what is this. Have to do with confidence. Well the connection can be a bit oblique but it does demonstrate the fact that he says we're all full of it so he says hopefully you're starting to see that we all walk around with their heads full of inaccurate and misleading information and he says confession. I two once believe all of the above myths. As did i. The ten percent of the brain had an incredible conversation with somebody wants an old business partner about. What are we going to do. The other ninety percent of our brain you know it must be saved for the next life or those kind of things or the albert einstein part or especially the positive affirmations so he said we are all too ready to believe all sorts of seemingly commonsense ideas without stopping to question their origin or their validity. And this is especially so in the realm of pop psychology. It's important to keep this in mind. Because if we hold on tightly to these ideas they can create all sorts of problems for us and as mark twain. Put it best. It ain't what you don't know that get you into trouble. It's what you know for sure. That just ain't so so with that in mind. Wrestler says quickly review for widely held beliefs fears a sign of weakness. Fear impairs performance. Fear hold you back and confidence is the absence of fear. All those are debunked even have an episode later called the earlier called the fear trap. Where i talk about that so i feel like that That quiz the debunking. Those pop psychology miss is so important and if we if we kind of move on here i wanna talk about one more thing while i'm on the topic of fear. Let me throw in a little. Bit of bonus content and it is the fear of making decisions. I wanted to do an episode on this for quite some time i. it's analysis paralysis. And if you're not familiar with the term. It's not making a decision. I mean analysis analysis. Paralysis is it's win. We have to mini thoughts I found a amazing article on a site called psychology dash spot dot com where they talk about analysis paralysis. And i really liked this. It says our society exalts thought and reason but in some cases thinking too much can be counterproductive leading to what is known in. Psychology is analysis paralysis. The concept is not new. And i didn't know this because i've talked about this before. But it's even inspired by one of a sops fan Famous fables and. I won't read that for you now. But it's essentially about a cat and a fox traveling together both thinking that they are very clever in wise when some hounds eventually come to get them. The cat immediately runs up the tree and the fox who had all kinds of Things in his bag of tricks didn't really know what to do. I in that got him in trouble. In essence fable shows that. Sometimes it's better to know something useful than to consider a thousand options that don't serve as well and it also shows us that when time is short that often thinking too much can be harmful leading to analysis paralysis. The problem is that analysis paralysis can lead to a situation where the cost of that reflection exceeds the benefits that we have obtained if we simply chose a path so in other words the we lose more by getting stuck or are ruminating or over thinking things then we would have lost in making the decision even if it wasn't the best decision so in life. This article says analysis paralysis can lead us to lose great opportunities and can represent high emotional or economic costs. now why does analysis paralysis occur. It's that fear of making mistakes because every single day we have a lot of of decisions to make and some of them are more important than others and at times. We're not even quite sure how important something is so. We tend to over think it in all decisions in an essence generate some type of anxiety so depending on the impact they have on our lives that anxiety might be great and might be small and so that fear of making mistakes of not being able to go back.

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