Johnny Depp exits 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise

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Depp. It the road johnny. And don't you come back no more warner and saying because he's out as his character for fantastic beasts three fantastic beat three was also very quietly. Shock upon all shockers moved to twenty twenty two at the same time they announced warner brothers and johnny. Depp have parted ways. So i want to hear your thoughts on johnny depp. No longer being part of the fantastic beasts series. You know. it's it's interesting because like we. A lot of people predicted this was going to happen. I wonder if warner brothers is kinda waiting to see where that's slander lawsuit wince. Before they really like made a move with that. But i'm curious of like all with all the controversy that has been surrounding members of that franchise. I wonder like the whole johnny depp. Scenario was supposed to be like them going. Hey look we're doing something about this and not to not to defend johnny depp. In any way. I don't really i. I didn't think he was at great of colonel. I don't really even. I'm not a huge johnny depp. Fan like i like the jack sparrow's we talked about in parsa carribean. But i've never really been a fan of anything else. He's been in not that i don't respect the work he's done but you know so. There's just a huge deal for me. But i'm curious like with all the other things that happened. You know with a lot of those actors. Like why was johnny depp. Like prioritized out of all the other bad things that have happened there. Do you have any thoughts on that. Well the fantastic be serious remember. The sequel underperformed at the box office. And they wanna make six of these or five. I think five live so the three more to make. And i at this point like they can't just say hey. We're not going to finish this because there's already so much money invested in this property. So they're kinda like stuck. They have to finish whether or not people watch him. I was equating this the other day. I was talking to my daughter and equating this to the hobbit series the hobbit series. Nobody seem to really care about or nobody really seemed to want it going back on the screen you know when it came out neighbors a little bit of interest as far as lord of the rings coming back and then after one after the other de other people really didn't seem to saying. Oh okay it's something to see on the screen. And in fact i believe i'm just off the top of my head of the numbers. I think that the hobbit series either just about equaled or gained more over its trilogy than the lord of the rings trilogy. Because i think they both had around. Riding around three billion dollars both trilogy so and ended up being a success for the hobbit. But do you really remember the hobbit movies. I don't and i know the people as well. And i think the same thing is going in the direction for fantastic apiece were after the series of five movies are going to be done to say. I didn't really care. Yeah i mean in. That's not to say though that they're not going to make you know some amount of money that's going to make it worth making another one because i'm sure it will eat fantastic beasts to underperformed. It's still obviously made enough to justify moving

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