Los Angeles - Ballot harvesting under scrutiny in California elections


Coverage. Unofficial ballot drop boxes in California are the latest election controversy. The state's sending a cease and desist order to the California Republican Party this week after they stationed boxes in some counties. KFBK is John Brown eyes. He has an UPDATE. California Republicans claim they're just taking advantage of a state law which allows for ballot harvesting. Secretary of State Alex Padilla says the violation is found in the details of that law Persons assistance in order to return They're ballads must also add their names. Signature awful of a chain of custody is care about media says he's been in communication with the state GOP and they've committed to changes. Despite the rhetoric, every container to hear the state Republican Party has agreed to cease the deployment promotion. But authorized unofficial secure about it. Dropbox Attorney General Javier or Viscera says Having that commitment in writing will help if the issue ends up in court. John Byrne Isay News 93.1

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