Spinning and Winning: How Peloton is revolutionizing the fitness industry


With neo You co founder and CEO Nate Forster. So, Nate, I gotta ask you about the £800 gorilla in this area of at home Fitness. Talk about pellet on it has been a juggernaut during the pandemic went public last year, too, You know a little bit of a tepid response, but clearly during the pandemic, as people have been sheltering in place, and Focusing on wellness in place as it were. They've seen demand. Serge What does Pelle Itan do for the broader business? In your estimation? So thanks for paving the way I think everyone has to think telethon for paving the way for this industry. You know what Holding was able to create and had the site. You know the vision to do. Actually amazing. They have a great bike and a great treadmill. They make really, really solid equipment and confident on that equipment, so huge what they've done for the industry had been anybody that never negatively about telethon that in this space is just been doing a injustice because they have Really paved the way and have done quickly and obviously, the pandemic and everything help on DH that that you know, done from a positive thing for a lot of companies and again, I said, it's about awareness. You know, the consumer needs to know that you're well and you could have a really good experience. But we have to give a lot of that credit to pallet town, so we would we would start there and, you know, I think they evolve and get better. They're going to do a lot of different things and They'll continue to look at the consumer and find creative ways to make it more affordable. I know they're doing some of that stuff will obviously be competitive that calm and try to be AH, cheaper version left expensive. I think the hardest part For a lot of these hardware companies is going to be content, right. We also know that the consumer doesn't want just one thing right? They don't want telethon, spinning pal time yoga palate on boot camp coltan because they don't want that. We've known that for years. That's what made class pass so great in the breaking mortar space and for all The way that we look at it. Look, you may want to do some spinning, which we also have on the platform. But maybe you want ah, meditation expert Or you want a boot camp expert or you want a boxing expert. So you want to jump around? We know our average user. Muses about 5 to 6 different brands among so they like lots of different things. They want to jump around expert so well. Palestine is doing their thing, and I think their biggest winner and everyone appreciates what they've done. I think the challenge they did, as they tried to evolve will be, you know, to be able to offer some different brands and concepts. To their consumer, not just pellets on this and tell him not very agnostic. I think they need to be able to be a bit more creative and give the consumer different things to do. And other brands and soul be inching to see how they get through that process that I'm sure they will. Hey, Nate,

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