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Joining me now is Steve. Gorman who was the drummer in the Black Crowes who now plays with trigger hippy and before we talk about some of the Black Crowes stuff in your book I. I saw tweets even it was talking about Eddie Van Halen, which is Kinda. Why you here you say there will be many many words written and spoken about Eddie. Van. Halen, over the next few days, weeks, months and years those millions of words will never come close to expressing what he meant a rock music what he meant to guitarist and what he meant to the guitar itself that's pretty powerful statement Mr Gorman what did Eddie and remind me to rock music I. Think it's it's pretty simple. You can say that he and Jimi Hendrix of the two guys. That truly, and and only the two guys that moved the needle for the guitar itself I mean Hendrix. came out of a blue based. seem. And took the playing and the tone he could get to a new place but even hail and. Really almost came in from another country. Another planet I should say another he's like an alien life form I mean, he was a virtuosic player obviously but he He reinvented what what you could do is to guitar and the fact of the matter is this. Like Hendrix. But even to a greater degree, anybody tries to play like Eddie. Van Halen. Just sounds like a mind a mimic they. It's like rich little doing Johnny Carson okay. Yeah. That kind of sounds like him but. There's nothing nobody's ever been able to do any van. Halen. Did it make it feel a certain way? That each just the and he was that way at twenty two I mean, this is this is not a guy like it's not like David Blaine magic tricks where he gets bigger and better every year he started with card tricks that other people did I even Halen hit the ground running with Van Halen one playing an instrument that have been around for centuries unlike anybody else had ever done I mean he was on the Mount. Rushmore. Of Great Depar- players. At twenty two years old and then, and then he stuck around for another forty years still playing unlike anybody before sin. So I just think that in terms of. You know. Sheer unique. Mindset ambition combined with just. Great talent obviously. But but also phenomenal work ethic I mean he's just a complete unicorn in every sense of the word. How would you describe his guitar sound and I say that I know what I think of it but I wasn't I just messed van Halen like I came around right as you guys were blowing up honestly so that for me the van Halen was slightly classic rock slightly old rock to me as A. Kid. So as someone 'cause, you're just years older than I am but how would you describe his guitar sound someone who was in in it and living it in love and Van Halen? Well I can tell you that that was thirteen years old the first time I heard Van Halen and I remember it. I remember where I was I remember who I was with. It was going home from school in Hopkinsville Kentucky. You really got me there kinks the you know the their cover, the kinks song came on the radio. And and it was playing already and I said, Hey, mom turn that up. It was me and my mom and my friend Brooke. Lofton. The three of us in a car and she turned it up and I my first thought was. That must be like a live version of the king song and I was thinking like we don't they don't rock or do they. But when it hit that Solo and then by the time, the song ended I realized well, that does that's not ray Davey seeing this is clearly a cover version but what on earth is this and it was like making my? Hair on the back of my neck stand up. This is a time when I thought punk rock was the coolest thing in the world. and. The truth is Van Halen was more punk than the punks because they were truly breaking down a bunch of barriers if you will or they were going in their own. You know there hasn't been a band like Van Halen since led Zeppelin in terms of. Rock band hits the ground running at full steam and it obliterates everything in their path in a certain sense and. Jimmy van Halen sound it sounded like California was in my head. You know soon as I realized soon as I heard about them, they're from La, and as soon as I saw David Lee Roth and then as soon as I heard more than you know the next thing I heard was eruption Guitar Solo and you know hearing just two pieces of their first album and seeing what they look like it just. It felt brand new and it already felt like they're going to be around forever. You just knew from the jump and this is me as a thirteen year old kid who is obsessed with music. This band is one of the Alzheimer's like there's nothing like this and they all have the chops and the other thing too as long as I'm just rambling incessantly any van Halen was a great rhythm player. It wasn't just about the Solos he led the band rhythmically and he's also it needs to be noted not that it's not obvious. He's a hell of a songwriter I mean he really was. As I said before he's a true Unicorn I mean, just just nothing like it. What does this sound like do you? It sounds frequent and right in right in the zone near your your key. That's one thing because listen I played a little bit I don't play even as good as my friends who are real life musicians, but it's perfect frequency and frequency is in the tone or the, but as because it's a lot. I mean Brad Paisley plays unnoticed Brad. Paisley. Because I hear the chicken Pickin I hear a very distinct sound and again I didn't catch van Halen as it was happening in my childhood. But when I hear Van Halen Song even if I, it's I, don't know who it is. Just hear the guitar part I hear the Eddie van Halen because I how fast he shreds but the pattern that he does it, you can just tell. By By his fingers and it just kind of again it's hard to explain when you ask about music but that's what I think about and I try to. Always try to. Prepare analogies and most of the people who listen to this podcast here between twenty to forty, and if you were to make an analogy to another band, it's GonNa be tough because Van Halen was massive. But who later on had the kind of? Impact or. Reflected the mass listening that Van Halen had well. What band what yeah. What band can we look at now or in the last ten years and see? Okay. Well, that's how big Van Halen was to the people that were the kids in the eighties.

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