Out of sight, but not out of mind, the tale of Nikole Betterson



Labor Day weekend of 1977 Jared Peterson his girlfriend Susan klingel and the couple's two-year-old daughter. Nicole was in a car driven by Jarrett. He lost control of the vehicle which caused it to roll several times ejecting Susan. She died at the scene Jared Allen Cole sustained minor injuries while police were conducting their investigation into the accident. Marijuana was found in the vehicle. This was a more serious offense 43 years ago and the police wanted to charge him with vehicular homicide. Whether it was sloppy police work or something else. Jarrett was never charged. A few months later Jarod met a woman named Barbara Sadler and the two wanted to start a life together out west. Some say the couple mentioned moving to California. Others have said Nevada Barbara made a promise to Susan's parents who had taken a coal into their home and cared for her up until this time to take care of Nicole and be a good mother to her. And with Nicole and tow a couple left, Michigan in December of 1977. The Klingons cried as they waved. Goodbye to the granddaughter they loved and thought about the daughter. They had lost just months earlier. Jared in the Klingons had always been at odds with each other. He felt they had rejected him because he was black and had lured Susan into drug use, but for twenty long years the klingel's held on to the hope that they would once again seen a call. They had reminders of her brief time with them photographs of her smiling and a little red and white dress wearing a bonnet another one with her holding a toy bunny off while her father Jarrett reaches in to give her a kiss. In nineteen ninety seven, the klingel's felt it was time to hire a private investigator to try and locate Nicole as she would be old enough to make the decision to see them or Not Dead. Sadly, they would never see their beloved granddaughter again. It didn't take long for Jarrett and Barbara to be located. They were living in Las Vegas in a run-down part of town barely scraping by the two had gotten married in June suing years and both suffered from poor health. Jarrett was using a motorized wheelchair due to a back injury. He had suffered in a car accident. It seems that Karma hit this couple particularly hard. Peggy busy a private investigator hired by the klingel's dug deeper into the better since comings and goings and when it came to Nicole Patterson, there was not a trace of birth ever living with them in Las Vegas one detail did come to light Jared and Barbara collected in cash Nicole Social Security survivor benefits checks until she calls 18th birthday. Armed with the information. She had obtained Peggy bezzi turned it over to detective roskin of the Las Vegas Police Department. Missing person cases was not an area. He was very enthused about a lot of dead ends and disappointments, especially when it involves a case that was twenty plus years old off after reading through the material. However, he became intrigued and decided to look further into the case. He scanned through Court archives and police School adoption and driver's license records. He came up with nothing regarding little Nicole just like Peggy busy. Figuring he had nothing to lose. He came up with a plan to visit the better sons and pretend like he knew what had happened to Nicole. He would even offer Jarrett a deal of leniency if he divulged all of the details regarding Nicole. So in early November of nineteen ninety seven, he paid the better scenes a visit Jared answered the door while sitting in his motorized wheelchair and agreed to speak with Detective.

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