MLB investigating after Justin Turner ‘refused to comply’ with officials during Los Angeles Dodgers celebration


To talk about. Ah, what happened to Justin Turner? He was pulled in the eighth inning of the game last night because of a positive Covad test. What did the Dodgers know? And when did they know it? Yeah, So it's It's a a interesting situation. The way that is kind of shaken out is the players were getting tested daily while they were in the postseason bubble. In Turner's test on Monday, producing inconclusive result, which MLB was alerted to during Game six. And so they asked the lab in Utah to expedite The test results on the sample he provided Tuesday. And that is the one that then came back positive as soon as they will be found out. They relate it to Andrew Friedman of the Dodgersfront office, who then pass the message along to Dave Roberts. That You know? Hey, Justin Turner has to come out of this game right away. And it's the exact timing isn't clear. You know, they weren't gonna necessarily stop The game. If there was, you know, one or two outs in the seventh inning, but obviously we saw you know when the ending kind of turned over for the start of the eighth, he was replaced by Edwin Rios. We're getting a statement today but by major league baseball, by the way, this is according to the times that they are investigating. Now, Turner Um MLB, saying that that he quote emphatically refused to comply. When league security raise the matter to him about returning to the field to celebrate. We saw pictures of him. We saw him in a mask, and then we saw him without a mask. We saw him with his wife and the trophy. So the investigation, I guess is beginning in Major League baseball. We've seen that there have been no additional positive tests have come back among Dodgers or raise players. More testing is scheduled For today. And in the coming days.

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