Hurricane Zeta makes landfall in Louisiana


Hurricane Center says Hurricane Zeta has crashed ashore in storm where a Louisiana is a powerful Category two storm, striking the latest blow of an extraordinarily busy Atlantic tropical storm season. Miami based center says A hurricane hunter aircraft confirmed at 4 P.m. Wednesday that the menacing storm have made landfall in their Cocodrie, Louisiana, New Orleans, 911 executive director Tyrell Morris says residents should get to safety because hurricane winds could endanger first responders. We are expecting there be a place that our public state, the units will not be able to respond to 911 calls The phone will still be answered. We still take the call and get into the system. But sustained winds get to a certain point what is unsafe for a fire truck or an ambulance to respond? We will not be able to do so. The fast moving storm came ashore on the southern Louisiana coastline in a region of the Gulf coast that has already been in the crosshairs of earlier storms this season.

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