'Waiter, There's a Fly in Our Bubble'

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So. To Start Right. Now, the world is trying to figure out this pandemic and we don't have any good answers because in terms of how to handle this virus and what to do. There are all these questions about the right way to do things in the wrong way to do things but I just want to say. that. We have been being shown the right way all the time. We had a giant bread crumb to sitting in the middle of Florida call the NBA. Bubble. You know what? It's not even a breadcrumbs is how big and obvious is. Gone. And the thing about the bubble. I think is really. To me? Is that. Over the summer. It looks like the League is going to try to. Come back and the way that it's going to try to come back is to do the thing that medical experts have been trying to get our cities and states to do which is to just totally locked down doesn't lock the all the way down right it's like all the PGA all the protocols, all the tests, all the things that the country should have had. Little the NBA put in practice to resume its season grid. So what you have in the creation of this bubble is not just the top teams in the NBA converging on Disneyworld. Locate the bubble is built I always imagined is the epcot don't I was GONNA say It's the. Whole thing. Down and you just here it's like. Do. Lebron James You are not allowed to leave the next four long death. It was a wide scale operation that ultimately from the jump didn't feel worth the risks you know you're still at the beginning of our understandings of the virus it just felt so wild that anyone was willing to do this like amount of money. What title is worth all these people potentially getting sick me I love reality I tuned in. Yeah big. Brother. Sees love it. Twenty twenty eight survivors not on, but it is kind of on in the Bob Yeah. So I was watching but you know the other thing was I had two additional thoughts and I don't know if you have these win this started my first thought was. Oh God why do they have to go first? Because you know at the first blake sliver of screw up. It's all the headlines All the TV shows couldn't all these black men on blast about how they can't keep it together I. It was just it felt like it was going to be a disaster. Right. But that was my first thought my second thought was single work. This is not going to work I mean there's too many people. We don't understand this virus, but it seems highly transmissible. The pressure was just too much and I fully expected after a few days that they were just GonNa pull the plug will brown would have to get his title in Two Thousand Twenty One. As it turns. Out. Though. It worked it really worked. They figured out a way to get all these dudes together to play basketball without any of them getting sick. But. You know the success of that experience. It's a giant breadcrumbs this enormous bread crumb. You. Know. Hello, America Disneyworld bubble to the. Rest. Of. America. There is a way to handle covid and it's happening right here. and. Then you start to realize. That the bubble is also permeable. Late, August in Kenosha Wisconsin Jacob Blake gets shot by police several times in his paralyzed. And so that night then the walkie bucks which play in Wisconsin obviously. They decide that they're just going to go on strike. They're not going to play their first playoff game that night and in this totally unexpected way reality hit entered this sort of non reality of the bubble. And then the NBA players response to the reality of their bubble being permeated starts to spread to other sports. So the Milwaukee brewers those guys decide, they're not going to play baseball that night. The WNBA doesn't play at. All. The next day, the national, Hockey League decide they're not going to play either neo soccer. One of our top tennis players postpones a match in a tournament before the US Open even before these games were postponed, there were already black lives matter logos all over the arenas on the floor on the wood of the court that the NBA used was a giant black lives matter logo and WNBA had dedicated their season essentially in the memory of Ron Taylor and in the NBA. Those guys had logos on the back of their jerseys. Well, the players could have slogans on their jerseys is true but they had to pick them off basically a mad libs list that were pre approved by the NBA and the Players Association. Some of them included black lives matter say their names great vote I can't breathe but then it gets kind of strange. It's like equality. I am a man will make sense to me. Okay. Speak up but then there's one also Esley your favorite and mine do you know what? I'm talking about? It be group economics. Economics group economics whatever that means but. I feel like what we're talking about is a fantasy. Because This is the ideal version of what it is to protest in some ways versus what had actually been going on in different parts of the country this summer. This. is a place where these guys got to exercise their right to protest. And they weren't risking their lives to do it. And they got to do it and the message got out I. Mean I. Don't know as we got down to the last couple of games Miami Kinda, pull it out for one Lakers came back. You paying any attention to what was written on the court or written on the back of jerseys I know I wasn't. The honest answer is no, but I've been watching so much basketball at that point that like I was familiar with which players had what slogans on their jerseys like I knew Jimmy Butler didn't play with anything on the back of his which ended up being the most I would say revolutionary strategy because I will. I'm still working at how I feel about the fact, the players. What they could say was still mediated for the sake of not pissing off the viewers essentially is it fully a protest if? You're only allowed to carry a limited number of signs or your signs can only say one of the ten following things order fee to be admitted to the protests I mean. I do come in the players and I think they did the best they could. But I also wonder about the implications of limiting the expression of these players, the vast majority of whom are black men right who feel deeply about racial justice and justice, and everything that's going on in the country are still showing up to work I, mean you and I could barely to work and they still had to show up to work and play and perform. And I just think it's a question worth leaving unanswered. While the answer is I think that was still an astounding display of symbolism. No matter what and it's the kind of thing be honest that could only have happened under those circumstances. Yeah. You know one of the reasons I really agree with that even though I do still my feelings about the mechanisms of the protest overall, you know. Players including Jalen Brown and the Clippers Paul. George. Coming out and talking about. Their. Mental Health Challenges, their depression and anxiety and I don't know that we were having

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