Deeper job cuts at Boeing as pandemic throttles air travel


Will simply build less. That's the reality company executives were facing as they announced quarter, their losses and a new round of job cuts. Couples. Corwin Take Widmore It's a reality check two years after the first deadly crash of a 7 37 Max. And after nine months of the pandemic related cratering of air travel, the reality is that our industry as a whole will simply build left over the coming years. That's Boeing President Brad Smith on a day that saw the company reported third quarter loss of $401 million and also announced it will cut 11,000 more jobs by the end of next year. Dave Calhoun is Boeing CEO 19 Continue impacts have had a more prolonged and deeper impact on her industry and will have to further reduce our workforce. Calhoun says. The job cuts will be spread across all business units. Corwin Headache Cuomo New

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