UN: Nuclear weapons ban treaty to enter into force


On international treaty banning nuclear weapons will come into force in three months time after it was ratified by the required 50 countries. The U. N treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons was adopted by the General Assembly in 2017 and has been approved by countries ranging from South Africa on Nigeria to Cuba and Kazakhstan, Ali McConnell reports. The international treaty bans the use developments, production or stockpiling of nuclear weapons as well as the threat of their use. But crucially, the major nuclear powers of the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia have not signed it. They've argued that the weapon's service a deterrent and say they remain committed to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, which seeks to prevent their spread. Campaigners have nevertheless hailed the development is a historic milestone and say the new treaty will stigmatized nuclear arms, making them comparable to chemical and biological

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