Sisters, 18 and 21, attacked Chicago store security guard, stabbing him 27 times after they refused to wear face masks


To Chicago Sisters accused of stabbing a store security guard twenty-seven time God after he asked them to wear a mask. Two sisters were charged with first degree attempted murder on Tuesday after they allegedly stabbed a security guard twenty seven times just said no you, right. After he asked to women to wear a mask and use the store provided hand sanitizer police say he's talk about an overreaction and. It's one overreaction to another over-reaction ultimately that's true. Yeah. But this is generally why businesses are told. You don't don't push people on this because people are freaking crazy clearly a Chicago Police Department spokesperson told NBC News that Jessica Hill and her sister J la initially got into a verbal altercation with the guard at a shoe store in Chicago after they refused to wear a mask the late Sunday afternoon incident turned physical get him between women and their shoes. You're. Not Wrong. When one of the sisters allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed guard multiple times. Back Neck and arms police say oh man. Chicago police said that the thirty two year old victim was hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition while the sisters were arrested and treated at a hospital nearby for minor injuries. According to police the women were in good condition and later boat at Cook County jail. And a bond hearing. Soak it. Circuit Court of Cook County. That is a lot of sees judge Mary. Maruko charged women with first degree attempted murder and order them to be held without bond. I don't know if it's first degree but. It's pretty outrageous. First degree premeditated. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. This doesn't sound like it was premeditated. For the moment second degree, the sisters a court appointed attorney could not be immediately reached for comment. But the Chicago Tribune reported that the defense lawyer argued that they were acting in self defense and that they have bipolar disorder, they have some kind of disorder for sure if someone asks you to put on a mask or something, you don't you don't whip out a knife stabbed twenty seven times that's mental illness. The defense attorney added that the pair had not intended to commit a crime nor that they have co a criminal record but the judge said the sheer numbers of stab wounds. Let's Concern Inc the Chicago, Sun? Times reported.

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