Rocket Launch from your Shoulder + more w/ this Best Ranger


Eighteen just wrapped up this weekend. So for those of you who foolishly are not falling on social media. I'm you must have been like, where's the show? What happened on Friday? That's because we wanted to make sure that we waited until we got the results in from this year's best Rangers that we could honor those guys to. So that's why we're dropping on Monday instead of our usual Friday, anyhow, we're gonna talk about I'm gonna have my tell you about take you inside that competition. Why? Because it's incredible kind of stuff. They do marksmanship is just for starters, of course, on pistols rifles machine-guns grenades. That's just the beginning. It goes on the stuff the stunts that they have to do these obstacle courses see night. Now, I've seen I'm trying to think of some other events of basically, it's tailored tweed. Get every single year, but the range of stuff that they get up to will blow your mind. So I'm going to have Mike explain to you what it's like inside. That course, going up against not just some of the toughest challenges in the world. But some of the toughest competitors in the world army Rangers. And he's going to explain to you how he and the other guys mentally prepare physically prepare I to achieve selection for the honor of representing the regiment's. But then to go on tackle one of the world's without question. Toughest competitions. It's staggeringly hardcore get to hear about weapons assembly. Kind of a little gates. Forget what you call in normal civilian language, basically like the the different challenges competition rope, climbing repelling, Bannet, assault course. Did I mention demolitions? Yeah. Explosions day and night kind of stuff. So basically, the Rangers get the think of it like you have to be decathlon level soldier. Or soldier athlete, of course, airborne ranger qualified to compete. So I'm really stoked that you guys are gonna get the insider perspective to hear what it takes. And what goes on inside that incredible competition in for you regulars you force multipliers, you might recognize Mike from his men's health future. Yes. That's right. Bit of zoo lender, situation sucks to be handsome, doesn't it handsome soldier? But also, you might know him especially warfighters out there. I know that you saw his viral video when he was out on the range blowing up. I don't know that brass was so happy about it. But we were didn't we all love that we love that. So we'll put that on our social media to you guys missed it in for you guys weren't weren't currently serving might not have been on the Fords of the emails and the the tax that thing went round and around and around. We've all seen it. It's awesome. Okay. So we're gonna talk about that guy. Do my housekeeping before I get introduce you guys are weekly housekeeping for starters, we all know matters are important here and the ladies of America, a lot of them have been surprised at what gentlemen are operated are these special operations guys who come and hang out with us every week? But that's just one of the many reasons why we are the most listened to ranked number one since we're competitive as well, we're the most listened to military related podcast all down to the caliber of our guests. They are extrordinary where we can all agree to that and down to the caliber of our listeners because you guys extraordinary to if it wasn't for you guys getting the word out that there's this opportunity to like just.

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