NBA free agency: Jayson Tatum agrees to extension with Boston Celtics and Gordon Hayward's big move to Charlotte Hornets

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Let me run the floor through a bunch of nba moves. That got made yesterday in case you didn't see this. There was a bunch of stuff and it begins with huge money for jason tatum and the celtics. He's agreed to a five year extension with boston for at least a hundred and sixty three million dollars with incentives. It goes up to that number. You see there of one hundred ninety five twenty. Two years old made his first all star team last year. Lead boston to the conference. Finals were also getting paid gordon hayward now the former celtic signs of four year one hundred twenty million dollar contract with charlie. He spent three mostly disappointing seasons in boston. End up missing one hundred and forty two games because of injuries after missing just forty two his first seven years in utah and speaking of utah. Donovan mitchell a five year extension with the jazz. That could be worth as much as one hundred ninety million dollars. Submitting his star status in the orlando bubbly average. Nearly thirty seven a game in utah. Seven game a playoff series loss to the nuggets celebrated the new contract with the dive into the

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