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When i was living in the bush is living in the prison i was getting to bid not dreaming about what i was going to look for the next day trying to work cut wells going to go to try and find a lion elected and that kind of stuff and and and you might think i'm crazy but often i would have dreams about certain areas of the like very of a dreams and i would go to those areas and i would find checks of the animals that i was looking for and and it worked from those checks and then she couldn't find the animal and i was living in the prison to win a move back to the city of diagnosis. I became a changed my perspective on enough i started living waiting so living in the future charles as waiting for the wheel. Jails waiting for the for the The deterioration and the disability to arrive at all of their kind of effective the disabled by south story. Welcome to inspiration into this way. You will everyday bravehearts connecting with the truth. What inspires them to do what they love how they got yet and why they never give up. Be inspired by these stories to create your beautiful life was your first jen rod. Let's see i guys. Welcome back to special interviews super excited about today's conversation with oliver in this conversation's all about coming the trauma and the shock of the unexpected Occurrences in life. You know when we think that our life is going to go one way and it ends up going another way. And how do we become this. How do we make sense of it. How do we turn it around for the better of for ourselves for our family. And how do we use what. Yeah what what we've been given life to make the most out of life. So i mean this. This conversation is so profound for everyone. Because we'll go through that we all go through the unexpected. We'll go through feeling out of control. We all go through. Feeding vulnerable feeling judged feeling insecure. I mean it's all these emotions that human beings go through on a daily basis and we're going to be addressing exactly that's in this conversation with all of us in clay who s he says in the char is that he one day woke up with a numb cheek and realized he head multiple sclerosis will should we say not realize there was a whole story as the as the discovery unfolded to leading to the evidence that he had multiple sclerosis. So it's just a really beautiful open truthful compensation and a conway to kick in with it in a minute before i do just some quick ones guys go share. The sun with friends at always say sharing is caring and these stories change lives. They give us a sense of connectedness with yeah with the rest of the world and they just make us feel one. They make us feel inspired because by sharing stories. And you know with these amazing guests that come on the show shitty stories were able to yeah to to mira and gain perspective on our own life story. So i mean you know without sade.

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