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Good Tuesday evening, Philadelphia. I'm J. Scott Smith and the CBS Evening News is coming up next year. Okay, whatever your news radio, But right now, let's get a check on traffic. Head over to Justin. Drop it in the traffic center. Then finally, J. Things are quieting down delays going out in west Kocian on both route 100 south and to go to South approaching the merge. It was jammed earlier from the vehicle that struck two dears. Everything's open. No reason to stay away. 76 westbound, the ongoing construction from University Avenue to 30 ST James, you up left lane blocked. Eastbound is just slow with some volume between the Conshohocken curve and Belmont Avenue slows again from Montgomery Drive to the vine Shoot Expressway. Minor delay in the Roosevelt Boulevard north bound from was taken Avenue to Broad Street just appears to be rush hour volume Lingering. 95 nice ride both North and south between Bucks County and the Delaware line. Also, no problems mentioned on 4 76 the blue group through nine South bound much better approaching a Unionville pike from an earlier crash. It was in the left lane in Hatfield so that the lake gone Everything is clear on the bridges in New Jersey. Also moving at highway speed on the 42 Freeway to 95 the turnpike and route. 55 2. Nice ride on the Atlantic City Expressway. Mass Transit also checks out, Okay. And it charitably news Radio 24 hour traffic center. I'm Justin Dropkick tonight. As America braces for an uncertain holiday season, the fears that Thanksgiving travel could intensify and already alarming surge of infections. States

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