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News from two high profile mom's singer Christina Perri, announcing that she lost her child, as she described her baby was born silent. This is the Bensalem natives. Second lost pregnancy this year. She suffered a miscarriage back in January. We're also learning that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has revealed she suffered a miscarriage in July. CBS News correspondent Vicki Barker spoke with K Y W. Z and Bush live from London this morning. Vicky. This is a terrible thing to happen to any mom has these high profile Mom's steal the headlines, though it's gonna be a shock there in the UK It absolutely is E and it's absolutely heartbreaking Use and even some of the tabloids that have been particularly snippy about Meghan when she was still living here in the UK have responded with nothing but very sympathetic coverage and noting fact that it has sparked this outpouring of Uh, you know, messages and tweets of thanks and support and a lot of women and men sharing their own stories of their miscarriage, heartbreaks and making, making it clear in this article she wrote for The New York Times, and that's one of the reasons she did this that she wants to break this taboo about discussing it. And that she hopes that people will use this as an excuse to just ask others. Are you okay? You know, coming into this potentially stressful holiday weekend. We've been told Vicky that the relationship between Harry and William is fraught. Has there been any reaction from the royal family to this news? Well, Harry's uncle, the Earl Spencer, Diana's sister, you know has just reacted not said what? Whether he was told about this earlier, but just You know, she sent condolences and shared heartbreak. Buckingham Palace said that the the family the royal family has been made aware, but they weren't going to give any more details than that. You know a lot of the coverage about this rift between William and Harry, which you know does seem to have foundation in fact. It's all been based on speculation occasionally swatted down by one or the other. When one paper gets it particular comes out with some details that you know, one of the brothers says is just absolutely not there. But it's you know, they are still bottom line. They're still brothers. And I cannot imagine that you know, there wouldn't have been an exchange of sympathy and sorrow between those two couples. American College of O B. G. Y. N Z says around 10% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage that figure Megan referred to in her piece today in The New York Times. Vicki Barker with US CBS News correspondent from London 11 49.

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