Interview With Matthew McConaughey


Matthew. Welcome to the show. Good to be here. Tim. How are you sir? I'm doing very well, and I have just an embarrassment of riches in front of me in terms of notes that I would love to to take some stab at covering even a portion of and I thought we could begin with a little backstory for those people who know your work perhaps not your personal story. Let's paint a picture of your parents now lives in preparation for this conversation doing some homework and I came across a quote of yours feel free to fact, check this of course is from the Guardian but it says one of the great images I have my father is on the phone with a cigarette at the airport on the pay phone always peddling. Peddling pipe and how What is what is that for those who don't know been coupling? So he ruin the old business and to drill you obviously pipe couplings connect the pipe to drill for oil. So Dad was in the pipe coupling business and he was he would call it peddling pipe, Paralympic no John Pendant peddling pipe and that twenty did on the phone eight to six, and then he hit the road and Go make personal appearances China. So pipe, he started off as a truck driver than Texaco station down you've Audi we moved to longview Texas oil boom within like six months after being in Longview. Dad like twenty six employees under him. That's how big of an oil boom was, and then obviously at that business through I think around eighty two and he kind of held on from there he was always. Always, peddler is line was great. He was always be never did it never went bankrupt and that was a piece of honor for him not to go bankrupt but he was always after all boom sort of busted he was always act boys if I could just. I just hit a lick and he never did hit that lick. But if if he lick is. Big Sale Olympic is a big cow lick is okay Mr. Jim Magana. Hey I want all my pipe from you and we're going to drill two hundred thousand feet above abide. So says huge count on my Gosh I'm going to supply the pipe to this one large account that would be a lick he never quite yet. So we're going to jump to the other track with mom for a second here and at like to have conversation about or description maybe of mink oil. Could you tell us how oil entered your life? Please I would not be here talking to you right now if it wasn't for the oil of Meek Yeah It was about home fourteen, fifteen years old ninth grade adolescence. My mom starts pedaling again Pentland Milan family was pedaling something my mom starts pedaling this oil of me product door to door sales. Look here you put this mink oil on your face it brings out all the impurities that you have and watch those impurities all come out. You then have clear glowing in for the rest of your life that was sort of the sales pitch right? Well, I'm fifteen I got a few pimples as any fifteen year old does one night. My mom goes well, you should choose this all. Great you're let me do that. Sure. So I started putting this oil make on my face every night before I go to bed, and after about a week, I wake up and got more pimples than I had a week. And I check in the mirror go to Mama as don't she goes that exactly what is supposed to to pull out all the impurities keep doing it stick with it sure. I'd just religiously keep putting it on after two weeks. Now seem to be run into a problem. He I've got I've. got a whole full of pimples and it's it's it's getting pretty severe back. She's Oh. Wow. You've just got more impurities then I thought you just keep keep doing it going to keep bringing out those impurities I keep it up three weeks. Go by now I've got full blown acne and I'm really concerned my mom's staying on with no stick with it all coming out well I sneak off to the dermatologist on my own. And this was not my mom's recommendation I, sneak there on. In, take a bottle of this Mako. Doc Look at my face. This is put on your face shown this bodies liberty reads ladies like Oh no, no, no, no, no no. No this is i. someone that's like forty year old or not a teenage child who's got oily pours anyway this blocking your pores your pores can't breathe. You are ten days away from having ice pick holes in your face from acne get you off this. Okay as we also have to get you on this stuff got accutane. It's a years worth of medicine. It will dry you up there will have its complications, but it'll be better than in the acting that you can have APSO boom. I could on the accutane off the oil of make and around that time my dad who's always as peddling and look and how to hit lick. says. Damn Boy I. We got a lawsuit against his company. Them becoming I mean you're you're looking at me look you. You're all swollen up. So he takes me to see lawyer remember lawyers, Jerry hairs. So I'm sitting down with my dad and his lawyer Jerry Harrison new think we got a case and he asked me like you know, hey, did you confidence lower? We know with these these pimples you've got this acne down by guess Sir because we are you doing good with the girls and I said, no, sir, not at all he his eyes light up and I can tell that even at my age fifteen he he's building his case goes. Emotional. Distress you were under emotional are under emotional distress and I look at them and I'm like Sure Yeah Moshe stress in Jerry's. Gosh Dog, we can get thirty five to fifty thousand dollars. Emotional distress go long way Jim Medaglia caught. At fifty thousand dollars a way to goes on, and so that's getting all excited about this deal. We're GONNA make fifty thousand dollars off of my emotional distress is youngest son. So anyway, meanwhile on accutane. Takes a year to get clear up and you get Scaly Dandruff in your knees. Hurt you get slits in your mouth and everything else but much better than this acne and this Jackie clear in this acne up on my faith well, as lawsuits go they drag on awhile. So come two years later I'm back in Jerry Harrison office sitting across the table from the from the defense attorney and now my Hackley's cleared up. Okay and this lawyer sits there and starts off the conversation with us. Oh my gosh. Must have been so emotionally distressful and I'm like he's Lavin Mu Softball here I'm going to knock this out of the par. Yes. It was highly emotional distressful and he's got you confidence was down. He did it again with this guy dude he's a horrible. Tea In me up we're just it out apart. Yes. It was almost the distressful. My confidence was low wasn't doing well with girls. I mean man it was bad stuff. Sir and I'm sitting here thinking we got this case.

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