Kraft Under Fire for Sexualizing Mac n Cheese


When you think of macaroni and cheese what comes to mind comfort food and easy cheap meal for you your kids or your broke college student or something more risque. Wait if I confused you just now clearly, you miss the drama that happened earlier this month for kraft, Heinz the maker of the number one boxed Mac and cheese in America wound up embroiled in controversy over an ad campaign that most definitely attracted attention to celebrate National Noodle Day October six. In case you missed it on your calendar Somehow Kraft Heinz launched a playful campaign suggesting people send nudes that is noodles to friends and family. The double meaning of course was intentional sending nudes could mean sending nude photos in some of their ads, pictures of a box of Mac and cheese were deliberately out of focus as if the company was hiding something you know. And video featured former Saturday night live actor Vanessa Bayer. Trying to make the distinction between noodles and nudes. It's been pulled from crafts social channels, which I'll get to in a minute but take a listen clear not advocating you send nudes to anyone I'm talking about news not news I want there to be no confusion do not send nudes definitely send news even as it sent social media into a tizzy the campaign was a hit twenty thousand comfort loving tweeter took the brand up on its offer to mail free boxes of the cheesy stuff to loved ones. But unless you subscribe to the theory that all publicity is good publicity, the backlash created a craft crisis parents tore into the multibillion dollar brand on instagram. They said sexualizing macaroni was inappropriate for kids and accused craft of inciting children to send nude pictures. Many angry viewers threatened to ban kraft MAC and cheese from their pantries and turn instead to rivals like Annie's Mac and cheese owned by General Mills, some threatened to boycott. All craft products and some critics went even further according to buzzfeed Cunanan supporters got into the act. buzzfeed describes Cunanan as a collective delusion believers in what has also been called a right wing conspiracy theory subscribed to a number of different baseless notions including that something called the deep state promotes child sex trafficking buzzfeed reported that some Cunanan believers accused craft hines of using it's Mac and cheese nudes campaign for just this purpose. In the end, the company pulled its campaign in a statement brand officials stated, blandly, we sincerely appreciate and hear all of your feedback. As it happened, the news promotion was intended to end only a few days after it began anyway, whether craft considers its campaign, a win or a loss is hard to tell at the moment but consider this not only did craft managed to. Give away thousands of boxes of noodles but the controversy generated thousands of mentions on social media and in the press also keep in mind that making processed foods. Sexy is not a new idea for kraft. Heinz back in February of Twenty nineteen long before our world was upended, the company ran an actual ad on a porn site likening Mac and cheese attraction to addiction to. Well something else entirely that adds steely promoted devour a kraft Heinz frozen food line. That made headlines and sales. It's a big deal for consumer packaged foods players like Kraft Heinz Kellogg in Unilever Comfort food sales have fattened up during the pandemic now officials from Kraft Heinz, and Kellogg promised market very aggressively during the second half of this year to keep momentum up according to industry publication marketing dive given the ferocious rivalry between giant packaged food companies. There's really only one conclusion to draw about a brand that doesn't just go to the edge of tasteful nece but jumps right over it. Even today's cancel culture craft Heinz knows. Exactly. What it's doing.

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