Tasker Unpacked with Joo Dias - LG Wing and Pixel 4a 5G unboxing, OnePlus 8T review


About. android episode four hundred ninety five recorded on Tuesday October Twentieth Twenty Twenty your weekly source for latest news hardware and Apps for the android faithful Jason Help. Richards. On. CL The three of us. Thank Jason, how is how is your time off your? How how is it? How was camping? It was fantastic as it always is it was just nice to like reconnect with nature and take the RV and knock it stuck this time. So I didn't get it stock. It was amazing. It was like there was little dress. Yeah. Did you get any amazing star field photos or anything again or any crazy nature photos with with your phone? On shows. Yes I will I will be showing maybe a photo or to a little bit later because the phone that I had when I was there was the one plus eight t will definitely be talking about that. We've got like a lot of hardware on this show, but we also have an awesome guest joining us for the first time Joe Dias, who is the developer of half's that if you've been on Android for any length of time, you've probably heard US talk a million times tasker. So you're developing task you're developing join an auto APPS. It's really nice to have you on the show for hopping on tonight. For having me it's really great well. Yeah it's good to hear. Like a developer sell a celebrity at our missed. Tasker tasker is one of those those goals, the Goldstar apps so great. As mostly with US certain heating APP. going. Going unpaid model. Which is, which is the because there are competing APPs to Tasker, which one are you talking about? Specifically, I'm talking about the really big one. After t t probably. But I mean you said it. It's not true. Okay I just mentioned in the scheme of just you know setting up recipes and things in the store I was just thinking about Sort existed in this diy. I think that there's a fair discussion to be had there and actually our first segment today we're not doing the news segment because we thought. Okay. So we do have a celebrity. Developer on the show today don't mind. Liberty developer through the rest of this show just go for it but we thought we talked to you a little bit before we get into all the hardware and other news that we're going to talk about in the show thought we talked to you about your experience working with such a notable APP and you know suite of services. For android, I mean tasker comes up all the time it has for years. And so I think it's I think it's it's a wonderful opportunity to Kinda like ask you like there. There was a time when tasker was the only APP that did what it did on Android, and then at some point, you know obviously people realized like Oh customization really big strong selling point for android and a lot of people who love Android, love it because they can. Really take control of their device in a way that maybe they can't on IOS. So then you have other services like I am not coming out and doing similar but different like how would you delineate the difference between what tasker does and a service like I F tt that would bring you to say you know what? They're not the same where where do you draw that line? I have to t t more web based. It's it's. It's much more centered on web services. So you have a very strong emphasis on connecting like g mail with a twitter or any of the any any to web services you WANNA. Connect and it's much less stuff you do on your device. So there's a big difference there because task is much more focused on doing stuff on your. And automating stuff around your device or as. Much more on the web. Makes a lot of sense. Yeah, and that is true. they tackle. You have some stuff that that works on the device as well, but it's It's not their focus at all. I mean it's pretty it's it's limited in scope, which is why in the day when I was doing a lot of just really intricate Halloween. Lighting still trying to do that but I had to start over because I moved last year I would use tasker because tasker. Let me do things like set up local motion sensors and I could tap into those web based things like my Phillips Lights and sort of create ended up using tasker to do this fun little. This recipe where basically wants a person would cross the motion sensor that I put outside the lights would turn on red and you would hear like a spooky sound come out of a Bluetooth speaker. I'm Kinda. You know I'm wondering what is you know? What are some things that people should think about tasker for in their own diy sort of machinations?

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