Miami Restaurant Owner Asks What Plants Are Best In Outdoor Dining Spaces


And Mike, This question comes from Carrie Colin of Miami, and here we go. Hi. I own a coffee shop and have started outside seating due to CDC guidelines for covert 19 and the city of Miami, not allowing us to have service inside the restaurant. That has since been lifted for now. Here's my question. I've planted several items that just haven't done well. In the planter boxes we placed around the area. The area is covered so the plants will get natural light for the morning and early afternoon with the full sun. Starting at around 3 P.m.. Do you have any suggestions for low maintenance plants that don't attract insects and most insects and mosquitoes? Also, I like the universe safety method, especially the one on how to clean and turn our tables faster. I've contacted them also. But a William and Mike let's get back to that question. Any suggestions for low maintenance plants that don't attract insects and mosquitoes? Well, sure, I think that you know they've got a couple challenges. They're growing things in containers or pot sometimes do tend to dry out. So I would suggest maybe using a clue see in that situation, which is a native plant. It would take full sign. It would do fine in the container, and if it dries out a little bit, it's not going to die off in a day and so forth, So it's got a very thick leaf. It's very versatile. Very few past attack it and it's a very popular plant and I'll give them a little privacy. Also. Come a little privacy. Okay. All right. Very good.

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