Mobile labs target 'testing deserts' where COVID-19 can spread undetected


Some communities in the U. S have less access to Corona virus testing these days, allowing the virus to spread undetected. CBS's Mark Strassmann says mobile testing labs are trying to change that. I blame you head back just a tad. There you go. Lisa Wright wanted a covert test. Without this mobile testing lab, The 70 year old retired nurse would have to drive an hour to get one. I want to know whether you know, have it or not. Set your mind at ease. Yes, roughly 13,000 People live in Sumpter County, the poorest pocket of Alabama they learn to do without. But Marcus Campbell, a county commissioner here drew the line at covert testing. We were a test in desert and people would always acts when they heard about testing going on and other areas. Why not in Sumpter County? According to research by Johns Hopkins Communities of Color often have less access to covert testing. In Alabama Majority Black counties tend to have fewer tests available. The majority white counties There were similar trends in Oregon, Delaware, New Mexico and South Dakota in predominantly Hispanic and indigenous American counties. All those two causes and it was heartbreaking to me. We buried two family members on the same day. Did it motivate you to get tested to folks who need it? Absolutely. Campbell coordinated with Watley Health Services to set up drive through testing in West Alabama. Since March, more than 4000 people have been tested. 10% tested positive. It is reward to know that they can get it done. I'm sure you continue to wear your mask. These mobile labs test 2 to 3 times a week in west Alabama Testing desert no more.

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