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David how're you. I'm doing great. Mr hackett it's It's another week and we have a really special. Npr today for everybody we do. I've really been looking forward to having this guest on the show Welcome back austin. Man david stevens. Oh great to be here. I was looking at skype in. It's been three years since we had austin on. It was the iphone tends For those of you. Who don't know austin he is. He's the person who i am. Most jealous of because goes all over the world and all of the united states and takes amazing photographs and does a lot of other cool stuff but every year austin does an iphone camera review. And they're just amazing. I think the whole communities waiting to see where you go every year. I think that's just fun as the cameras were where austin's gonna go. But he puts these cam these iphone cameras under the kind of the ultimate stress test. Whether he's climbing a mountain or hiking up a lake and has a lot of great insight on. How use the camera. So today austin agreed to come back on the show. We're going to talk about the new iphone. Twelve pro cameras but we're also going to be talking about just iphone photography and mobile photography general so I'm really looking forward to sharing this one with the audience. Yeah i'm really looking forward to being here. There's a lot to a lot to talk about this year. Yeah well. I mean the the phones have a lot in the three years since you've been on and I just i went back and looked at some of your prior years and you always do a great job but the images. You're getting out of the latest iphones. Are they looked to me. Like an s. l. our camera. And i know. I'm not a professional. But they have they've come so far. Yeah you know. One of the one of the biggest kind of gaps between smartphone any smartphone and ideas lar- larger pro camera as traditionally been the low light performance and particularly if the iphone. We've seen such a huge jump in the live performance. The now you're starting to sue pictures. And i think it was last year with night mode came out. It was the first time in a long time that i looked at my screen. And i said wow. I can't believe i shot this with my iphone and and it's been awhile since i Really been that kind of setback. Because we've we've come to know that. The iphone camera so strong that we're starting expected to be great but there's been some substantial jumps in the last In the last year listeners will know that. I have broken a fair share of iphones. The numbers not important but the number is high. And i love your reviews to everybody who has seen the always get nervous. 'cause like you're you're hanging off the side of a cliff you're taking a picture or something like the brand new iphone on the edge of a cliff. I would drop it. So i guess props you for for being that guy. I do take precautions. I any time. I'm in any sort of risky situation. I'm always finding away to to tether it to me. First of all is taking my personal safety at the utmost highest and taking all the precautions necessary and then and then secondly yeah making sure. I have some sort of lanyard or something. That's tethered to me. And in the unlikely event that i do drop that it doesn't just end up at the bottom of a cliff somewhere. I was like well. That was gone. Old sailors used to say one one hand for the ship. One hand for the man. I feel like now. It's one one hand for the man went hand for the phone. Yeah i've been known to way back when i first started doing. The the pre release reviews in two thousand fourteen. I was a part of a night vision. Training mission with the icelandic coastguard. And i was hoisted outside of the the helicopter and that one is particularly risky. So i i actually used gaff tape to just get my entire phone to my hand like even if i even didn't hold on it was it was permanently fixed in my hand. It took me like ten minutes to get it off. Have you ever liked. Sent one of those apple phones back to apple like as a bag of parts. I haven't i've Proudly i maybe one one of them had been dropped but In general i feel like we've we've been fortunate that we haven't had any any major major saffi's or damaged any of those. Yeah an awkward phone call with pr. It's like hey so before we dig into the the iphone camera and there's a lot to talk about today for people who aren't super familiar with you give us a little bit of your background and how you kinda ended up in the place you are now. Yeah i'll try to keep that tricky short but Yeah i. I've grown up in mac and apple community. My dad has been Working on Apple computers since eighty four. And so i grew up on it and Was always passionate and bought my first dimac in nineteen ninety eight When i was in seventh grade mow lawns all summer long to buy the. I mak bundy. When it first came out and so then started designing websites and became really passionate about digital imaging and web development and particularly interactive web development and flash and so went to college pursuing that and then actually fifteen years ago from this month had a pretty major one eighty in my life and a was just of going in one direction and change actions Sorry following jesus and that was part of my story that got me into photography and became really fascinated by light and its power over darkness and And in the in the spiritual sense in physical science and scientifically as photographer became a real passion for and then so i started pursuing that and And then from there just began traveling a little bit more Had never been out of the country before that and that following year ended up on a trip to tanzania in east africa and took some shots and love my time there learned so much from the people there and learned also that i just love traveling and shooting and so i began pursuing a career in photography and start shooting at a time and then i guess it was two thousand twelve. I remember seeing some of the iphone reviews come out and they had just come out with panorama mode and i saw these panels in the reviews and You know everyone had written perfectly great reviews but i wasn't finding any any results from the panorama ahmad on the

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