Gov. Brian Kemp, state health officials warn of ‘Twindemic’ of COVID-19 and flu season


Good afternoon on the media, Cooper, and here's what's happening. I think Take a message from the governor and for me is that everybody continue to follow the prevention guidelines to wear a mask the social distance. Fire's hasn't disappeared. That's Dr Kathleen to me, telling reporters it's important to stay vigilant during this pandemic. The Georgia government is also worried about a possible duel pandemic of flu and the Corona virus to me, told reporters this morning. It was important for people to also get their flu shots this year. She says it could end up being devastated. If there's a really bad flu season, combined with Corona virus flu never been more important to get a flu shot this year. So we realized that people sometimes don't think of flu shot is effective or afraid to get it or just don't bother. This is particularly important this year or trying to prevent twin dynamics of Koven plus influenza. Which could be devastating. We don't know what the presence of employees and they do to a common infection. Georgia Governor Brian Camp is also praising residents following a drop in the Corona virus positivity rate. The governor said this morning. Less than 1300 people are hospitalized with the virus, which is a major drop from his P Kim says. Georgians should not become complacent still were mass practice, social distancing and good hygiene, he added. George's unemployment rate is currently over 5%, but there have been plenty of job gains.

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