Patrick Mahomes - He Just Keeps Getting Better

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Seemed impossible that Mahomes could get even better but somehow the cyborg has done an update and he's even better than he was, you know last year in May 2018. What has he done in particular to me and I think to the two obviously to everybody just watches him a couple of times a year and in prime time and stuff like that. It's the handling of glitches. But Monday to watches them every single day and every single week, you know, where has he really grown and matured I think I mean the really the the blitzes thing is such a big deal and I think it's important to parse out exactly what's different because it's the sort of thing that people often miss when they're watching the game, you know, calling out protections before the snap is one of those things that we can't necessarily see on film off when it's done. Right? I mean you can because you don't have a free runner or you know, you've got a free runner but in the you know, the they just lost the ball right over his head right and what you really see is when it goes wrong. And it was the case a lot in 2018 and less so in 2019 where there would be free Russians that Mahomes and he would make something happen by doing something weird, you know jump in the air and spend three times and throw them all lines back something weird. Whereas now you're seeing things they just look a lot more effortless to them. And so if you look, you know, everyone watch the Ravens game and I think a lot of people watch them Texans game as well. The Texans really tried hard to mix up their coverages and try to confuse them homes with various zones and try to sit on things over the top and say hey, we're not going to give up the big play and he just he was constantly getting the ball out in in under two seconds just to the to the where the Zone vacated or where he had an ideal match up in man coverage. So it's that pre-snap stuff that you don't necessarily notice during the play the the comparison. I always give to people and this is obviously like the gold standard whether you talk about like managing. Brady if you look at a lot of their highlights, it seems like they're always throwing to the first guy. It's like wow, they're offensive scheme must be incredible. The first guys always open but no that's the result of being Superior in your precog breeds. And so that's where he's he's sped up his process quite a bit and he's gotten significantly better at calling out the protections before the snap. Right

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