Danny Ainge's Celtics Conundrum

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The logical question though, and he got into this a lot with Bob and we got his thoughts. But obviously I want yours as well. You know, there are only so many options really that Danny Ainge has because of just the economic setup of this month. Stir, you know, it's very top-heavy salary cap wise young guys, you know, you can all right fine. So you don't bring back like an enes Kanter not a young guy but a cheap guy, you know, that's that's not going to give you all that much flexibility back. So it's really do you want to trade Marcus Smart, which I don't think anybody wants to do or do you want to move off of Gordon Hayward in some way shape or form now? He has the power which is often for that 34 + million dollars next year or he could opt out do what everyone thought was going to happen with Al Horford last year, which is re-signed him, you know more years lower aav average wage will value or you know option three is obviously you trade the guy. I don't think there's a scenario in which he just hops out and doesn't return I don't believe that anyway coming off the injury, maybe if he had had a bought a strong healthy season and great playoff run sure, but that wasn't the reality. So it's it's kind of a b and c with Gordon, but you know Brown who has just resigned isn't going anywhere. Tatum's going to get his contract cambuslang. In anywhere, so it's sort of adjusts, you know, your your salary cap position as a results to Hayward or you kind of bring back everybody and you just look to cherry-pick some depth off that balance like you're talking about right or or is there something I'm missing? Yeah. No, I mean and that's the other part of it is in you mentioned Caden pretty extensively Jaylen Brown has also shown he can be foundational second piece that goes he's turning twenty-four I think in like two weeks to have another player like that who and let's face it. The Celtics are pretty fortunate like the wage and they gave him he would Be worth a little more right now. She was going into like restricted free agency. So in addition to those guys being pieces you hope and assume they're both going to get them like camber is what can build which is, you know, an All-Star starters really good. Obviously your concerns about his knee. Hopefully that there's up but with Tatum and Jaylen there's still some there's still a level there. You think if you're if you're a self extension you hope so maybe that's what it takes to kind of get over the hump and you talk about Hayward. Obviously, I know fans are kind of disenchanted with them. He's had some just brutal block really like it's not like these injuries you suffering because he's like frail or like, you know, like just just brutal brutal luck. But off this year when he was healthy like last year when he was healthy. He was still not himself. It was clear this year when he was healthy looked really good. He was one of the best players and I think it was encouraging birth. You there aren't a lot of Gordon hayward's out there. We talked about like moving off of Gordon Hayward like he's back and playing like he's capable. That's a pretty big asset to have particularly. If you're putting them alongside our guys like Jason jail and who were still on their uptrend?

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