Liberal celebrities threatening to flee the country. You've


The only reason Hey, Khun, stand there! Joe Biden in front of that office of the President elect thing on, by the way for you constitutional scholars out there. What? What? Klaus? In the United States Constitution provides for the office of the President elect. God bless that lady at the General Services Administration who's declining to get with the program and saying that I know you're not the president elected. We're not goingto Maykel this stuff about available to you. He's standing there in front of the office of the president elect sign he had run off its staples for 23. Bucks. 74 cents. The states are gonna be are gonna actually being confirming electoral results soon. Certifying them, as they say. And then the electoral college meets in December and so getting excited about criminal prosecutions is stupid. For two reasons. A no Democrat ever goes to jail on be. It's not going to be wrapped up before the electoral College meets. It's a complete waste of time. I don't even know how often do you have to get played by these guys? This morning right now, In fact, Andrew McCabe room a man Drew McCabe, the Operation Crossfire Hurricane guy. He's testifying yet again before the Senate, and he's getting tough questions from Lindsey Graham. So

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