Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy handing over play-calling duties


And let's see if the bears moving offensive coordinator duties will be money on the field tonight. Normally it's mad nagy their head coach. He's been offensively inclined. That's why the bears hired him away from kansas city where he was working under andy reid but with the bear struggling. They're handing over play calling duties to bill laser. He's been in the nfl for a while. We'll get into his bio in just a second to see what you can expect on monday night football when the bears. The bears take on the vikings. Here's matt nagy essentially saying. I didn't really want to do this. But i've been around long enough to know i kind of had to do this. I've been around. Obviously one of the greatest head coaches in the history of this game and coach reid and of the best play callers in the history of this game co treat reid and for me in that time where he was able to show the trust in me at that point to give it to me to to run the offense and call the plays there was a little bit of a change and sometimes when you're in this position that we're in right now you wanna make sure that you're looking for solutions and you know you can always talk about execution. You can always talk about teaching. You can always talk about all facets of the game but this year with me going through that and seeing what can come from it. I just think it's it's the right thing to do. And we'll see where it goes. Laser been a longtime. Nfl assistant key the eagles the bengals. The dolphins is actually the oc for the dolphins for a couple years falcons washington football team seattle in more subordinate position. So he's been around the block. Tell me what this means i. It just means dead the pressures on in whenever you see a coach head coach playcaller give up play calling duties this late in the season. That tells you the pressures on in conversations have been had that they've got to figure out another way to generate points because clearly the will matt nagy calling. The plays was not working and if he continued to call the plays and continue to go the way that has been going. There's a large chance of the possibility that he may not be retained after the season. So he's trying to fix it before they get to that point which is smart on his part. I mean look when you go to. This is when you go to this. This is the last stop right. this is right. This is the last stop. We gotta turn it around because if we don't chances are i'm going to have for sale sign point in january in front of my house on the the reality of what they have to make the playoffs in your expectation for matt. Nagy not to lose his job i would. I would think so. But i'm but i'm not the owner of the team but i would say that for the general manager matt nagy to be back with me and twenty twenty one. They've got to get to the playoffs especially we started off with a quarterback that we drafted several years ago. It was the second pick in the first round. We went away from him. We listened to you by going out and getting nick foles and now we missed the playoffs. I can't bring you back.

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