Help: My Toddler Is Waking Up Way Too Early


Help. My two year old used to sleep from seven to seven. it was glorious. We recently had to start quarantining again due to exposure at my job since then she started waking up earlier and earlier. We pushed her bedtime back to seven thirty. But it hasn't made a difference this morning. She was up at five thirty. I was thinking about one of those clocks with the lightner room. But i'm not sure she would understand that yet. Help okay rachel here to help. I am an expert on early rising small children because i was a fellow sufferer eight. Am was often nap time for my youngest child. Whoever that was and me to go back to bed at eight. Am after a full morning. So i kind of think like some kids are just like this and there are things you can do and then you have to do them again but there are a bunch of tricks that helped along the way for me so help. Some of these will work for you. I was going to suggest pushing her bedtime back. You did that already. It's not working doesn't necessarily work right like if you're changing circadian rhythm it could push it later but it might actually push it earlier as sounds like may have happened in this case. I mean something's happened right. Some knob has turned to make her start getting up at five thirty. So i think what you need to do first is sort of reset the knobs and then start moving them one at a time. You're quarantining andy. With the bedtime later and there is a state savings time. There's a couple of different things happening. So put things back the way they were to the extent. That's possible and then the quarantining say the only knob that's different. I think it's interesting that you highlighted that because it could be right. I'm wondering what's the possible connection between the changing your routine and the change in her sleep is she not getting as much sunshine as she was. Is there not as much physical activity. Were there sort of routines and signifier in her day. When you were more out and about that you can put back in or add in a different way. You know if she had snack every day at two pm and a little bit of quiet time on the couch when she came back from seeing her little friend. Can you still sort of put those routines in place. So she has the sort of same signposts as she goes through her day. You ask about the alarm clock and wonder if she's too young. Yes i do think too can be too young for some of the alarm clocks that have suns and moons and have oh was slowly dawning daylight all that stuff. You can try them. The best alarm clock for me in the situation was one that i made myself for my kids. I had an old school digital alarm clock like you can get at the drugstore with the digital numbers. I put a piece of paper covering the minute numbers because those are not information that a two three year old can use so you just saw the hour so they just saw the five or the six again. they don't know what the five of the six is. that doesn't matter. And then. I drew on the piece of paper that if it was a a five. You know that we're squared off five digital clock that that was a picture i did a picture of a moon sleeping and then if there was a six it was a picture of the son waking up so that my child again twos a little young two and a half heading for three. You can start to show that to them and say oh. Look at that when you see this shape. It means it's nighttime. When you see this shape it means it's time to wake up to probably too young three starting to get but all of that stuff was easier for my kid than trying to read this clock. That was slowly. Changing from one thing. To another darkness is very important and a little ones room. That's waking up too early to forget that x for the time being. You need it as dark as possible.

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