Box Office: ‘Come Play’ Limps to $3.1 Million Debut


Office slowly revving back up. His movie theaters start to reopen across the country very, very slowly, and folks visit their local drive. Ins Focus features horror thriller. Come play That's Jacob Chases directorial debut ruled Hollywood this weekend, making just over $3 million for its debut on Ly other theatrical debut it at the tail end of the top 10 spell. It's a horror flick. About a rescue turned sinister, debuted in the ninth spot with just over $210,000. That's an earnings. The witches, starring Anne Hathaway also debuted this weekend but went straight to HBO. Max, apparently 2020 releases of hocus pocus. The nightmare before Christmas and Monsters Inc are all still in the top 10 in the 6th, 7th and 8th spots respectively, and still going strong after 10 weeks in the 10th spot is thie new mutants. The number one come play did $3.1 million tough

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