What Q4 Might Look Like


What is Q. Four GonNa look like I think the numbers can be way lower than the one. You just mentioned way lower than thirty three percent and I think a reason for that is that number Thirty three percent annualized growth was boosted so much by the stimulus that we had by the economy opening in his partial away as it did there's a lot of work to be done. I'm quoting some economists who said that this week when it comes to the next quarter and there are so many factors weighing on growth is as we look ahead certainly, the virus is the main one we're seeing all of these records being broken as this pandemic continues to be a huge problem in this country in a huge drag on the economy. Obviously, there are mitigation measures associated with that that you know if we have to mitigate more. Could hurt the economy even more going forward that something to keep in mind and then. There's the stimulus the stimulus that we have passed and it's earlier. Did help the economy in the last quarter get back onto its feet a bit. Obviously nothing has happened in Congress there. Lawmakers returned home to their districts to watch the election results as we all will be on Tuesday and there's some hope that Congress will get its act together when they when they get back but. That hasn't happened yet, and that's certainly something that we're going to be watching and wondering about as we move ahead here and look at the prospects for

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