The Skeptics Guide #799 - Oct 31 2020


Lauren. Welcome to the skeptics guide to the universe today's Wednesday, October Twenty Eighth Twenty Twenty and this is your host Steven Novella joining me this week or Pablo Bella everybody Cara Santa. Maria. Hattie Jay. Vela. Hey guys and Evan. Bernstein good evening everyone. First thing I want to say is happy Halloween to those that have downloaded this podcast day was uploaded. WHO HALLOWEEN SCARY I hate that whole thing that you guys just own the. Spooky. Dot Spooky. Rookie. This is what a ghost thousand. Sound. Like bellicose. Come out of the fifties right. It is it is a paper cut out from the fifties. No doubt about it. I have forties this cutest Ruth, Bader Ginsburg costume, and I've nowhere to wear two. I got the Great Pearl, Lacy Necklace thing and these wonderful earrings, and of course, I am already a Brunette and glasses. So that's right. That's. Very Gusty. Assume retreat. To call people. ARE UNSCREENED FACETIME facetime. This person. Hey Go. So. Did you guys hear that Alex Jones was on it was on the Joe Rogan podcast. taught. Some. Of Yes, WE'RE GONNA. We're going to talk about it more on the livestream Friday but okay, Oh my God the. Joe Rogan formerly fully jumped the shark about ten times in a row on this one. He's had this isn't new. He's had Alex Jones before this new thing, it's just the it's the first time since he did it on spotify after one hundred, million dollar contract after spotify said Alex Jones you can't have a show here. So that's a thing. But at the same time I, don't know what are you guys we're going to talk about it. But what do you guys think of the internal emails of the guys being like listen? We can't start dictating who he doesn't doesn't have as a guest on his show that's them just walking it back. You think well, if you're going to say that the information that Alex Jones conveys is not proper and they don't WanNa. They don't want to support it. You know it's it's really just a ridiculous technicality to say, but it's okay if he's a guest on anybody that has a podcast on on our platform. There is a podcast sit there I will set. You're right because it's a huge platform but there's a big difference between just spouting whatever dribble you WanNa spout like unfiltered on your own show and somebody interviewing you. It's not an INFOMERCIAL, right? No you're getting pushback. You're getting people somebody saying way way but I thought it was this way and you're right. Is, giving him a massive platform but at a certain point, when does it become I understand saying we don't want your show because your show is full of misinformation on our platform. We're not going to condone that because that makes us look bad. But there's a certain point. When does it become like sense like really bad censorship I don't know I don't. I really don't look at look at it as censorship when someone has been classified as completely full of bullshit completely full of lies and manipulation. I mean this is a person that talked about the shooting that happened literally in the town that I was living in and he said it didn't happen. He said that the parents were hired actors he said the kids don't exist you all of these ridiculous statements like this is this is way beyond like, Hey, let's have have this semi controversial personality in dig dig into the weeds with them. That's that's working. Someone, who's are dangerous who? Has a direct light, not a direct line, but his thoughts have directly made it into the mouth of the president of the United States also. Audience for him, we don't know if he believes anything that he's saying I mean worst case scenario and I think this is a reasonable interpretation. Sure. Is that he's a con artist WHO's making it up to people and to sell crash course. Drunk. Well, yeah he sells so much. Show to sell their con- you know. That all does that all the time happens. I mean. That's the thing like this isn't new nobody should have been surprised if they really wanted to say, Joe, you can't have this guy on that should have been part of the crazy contract they signed with him like they should have looked his guest list and said Okay we're going to have some stipulations my friend I don't know I don't agree with it, but it is censorship J, it's not a first amendment issue. Their platform it is censorship. I. Wouldn't call it censorship. Initiative censorship, but it's their platform they can exempt just like us we we choose tonight interview a lot of people on this show. Right we get. We reject way more requests than we ever let through the gate that is that really censorship or is editor. That's different. It's not really aditorial now. His you're saying we choose to Joe chose to interview him. Criticizing Batch, would be censoring that the actual new story here is that Joe Rogan is credulous. He's getting. He's guilty of spreading horrible information. He is a very, very low research kind of guy like he'll do it on the spot research alliterate things up as it's happening on his show I, mean we do that to fact check certain things here and there he's like look you know doing this for an entire premise and we would never give like you just said. An interview to somebody who we know is going to spout not just pseudoscience but like very dangerous misinformation during a very delicate political period where sowing distrust within the public actually has legitimate ramifications of harm I also think it's different if they're not acting in good faith in good faith. Yeah. If you suspect that they're not in good faith. Then it doesn't matter what they believe that that's disqualifying and I think there's a fuzzy line that I see what you're saying about spotify censoring rogan versus Rogan's editorial policy unless they have an editorial policy that they impose upon their people but if they don't then. Censorship. And that's the weird thing to 'cause. They're like he can't have a show on spotify. Joe Go and interview him yeah. That's where I think. It gets complicated legally and I think that's why people are talking about this honestly because they're like whoa what just happened. Melissa name outlets are allowed to have quality control and an editorial policy. If a university doesn't have a professor who spouts conspiracy theories is that censorship? That's for? Quality Control.

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