Two men charged with gun offenses near Philadelphia vote counting center


Philadelphia police say two armed Trump supporters from Chesapeake Virginia, were arrested last night for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. That's where the vote is being counted, Investigators say. Antonio Paredes LaMotta and Joshua Mascius had handguns and an A R 15 rifle each are charged with carrying a firearm on public streets of first degree misdemeanor and with having a concealed firearm without a license. A third degree felony, Philadelphia District attorney Lawrence crashed. There are several different criminal offenses, both felony and misdemeanor that exist under the Pennsylvania. Election code. We are looking closely at them in light of the evidence that we have at this time. Both are reportedly being held without bond. The prosecutor says there are calls the incident alarming. The prosecutor calls the incident alarming, as we say, and says an investigation is still underway. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. The men's SUV had stickers supporting the Q and a on conspiracy theory.

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