CDC to shorten COVID-19 quarantine to 10 days, 7 with test


Guidelines reducing the number of days people should quarantine following exposure to the coronavirus. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. The new recommendations come is the number of infections continues to skyrocket in the U. S. The agency says a standard 14 Day quarantine for people who might have been exposed to the coronavirus. Can potentially be sure into 10 war seven days. That's depending on test results and its symptoms. Under revised guidelines, the CDC CDC says says says Quarantine Quarantine Quarantine Quarantine needs needs needs needs to to to to last last last last only only only only 10 10 10 10 days days days days if if if if a a a a person person person person has has has has no no no no symptoms. symptoms. symptoms. symptoms. Another Another Another Another option option option option is is is is a a a a seven seven seven seven day day day day quarantine quarantine quarantine quarantine for for for for people people people people who who who who have have have have no no no no symptoms symptoms symptoms symptoms and then test negative. MPR's winter.

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