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Sense that once we elect a president, whether it's Barack Obama or Joe Biden That's the end of the story, and that's the end of this. How we expect them to just get Uh, L stuff done on duh! Don't have Anything else to worry about. And part of what I want to really communicate is that the president has power, but The president in order to accomplish big things. Like getting health care done. They've gotta have a Congress. And even once you have Democrats in control of Congress, there's this thing called the filibuster in the Senate, which can block up votes and You've got Drug companies and insurance companies that are lobbying and trying to block stuff and So, you know. The stakes are high and the pushback is fierce on any progressive legislation, and that's why it's so important for Indifference to be involved and understand what's going on. Because as I tell in the book, part of the reason we were able to get this thing done was not only do we have People like Nancy Pelosi, a speaker and Harry Reid, who was the leader of the Senate because people had voted But we also had continue ahead and ongoing support from everybody from folks like you ribbon out. You know nuns like 50 Carol, who I write about, uh, who were willing to stand up? On say, this is

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