A highlight from Thoughts on a Murder that Occurred in Rochester Nearly 30 years ago

Bob Lonsberry


Heartbreak again. We'll talk about in the next hour but as a A newspaper columnist here in town. back then I covered this tragic event. A homicide and I anyway it's it's a weird deal. Reporters are in a way Voyeurs there are things which occur and Reporters tell other people about them often At some kind of arms length he eu will go to the burning building. You will go to the a murder trial. You will hear the old ladies story about when she came here from italy or wherever and you'll write this all up or put it on your newscast and It john steinbeck said that his job was to explain people to one another and a good reporter Does that. I'm going to take you to a place that you can't get to and let you see for yourself what it's like and whether you do that in words Or whether you do it in in audio whether you do it in in in video. You're you're taking people on that that same journey. You're introducing them but You know

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