Elliot Page to continue role on ‘The Umbrella Academy after coming out as trans


A show on Netflix called the umbrella academy and it's already in its second season, apparently, and on that show, Ellen Page. Now, Elliot Page has played the role of Vanya Hargreaves, who is a cyst, Gender, lesbian and a cyst. Gender lesbian is essentially a woman. Who is a biological woman, and also identifies as as a woman. But who is a lesbian? So so it's a lesbian. Right? It's a lesbian. Who, and that is the role that Ellen Page has been playing. And so now, people rightfully have asked, isn't it? Isn't it appropriate? Then that Elliot Page give up that role for someone who actually is a cyst? Gender lesbian? Because, as you know, there have been lots of people who have had to give up. Trans roles because they are not trans Scarlett Jo Hanson, For example, she had to pull out of playing a transgender role in a movie called Robin Tug, and 2018 worry. I know what was the name E was hoping that you wouldn't pick up on that. That's the actual name of the movie. It's the actual name of right and Halle Berry was also considering playing a trans man. And then backed out because she got so much criticism for it. And she was like, Oh, God, I'm not gonna do that. I need to be an ally to the LGBT community. So if that's the case of these are the rules, then why does Elliot page get to continue to play? Lesbian woman. So that look from sitting here in my straight male perspective, which I realized disqualifies me from ever commenting on anything, but I'm gonna I'm gonna take a stab at it here on these flamethrower radio airwaves that go from Ohio, Illinois. It's I don't care what you do right? You do you as long as there's a harmony. What one else you call yourself whatever you want to, But it's society now forces me to embrace it. And celebrated and right. And if you don't not only embrace it, but celebrate it, then you're a bad person. I don't care what you do, but I'm not throwing you a parade or making special rules just for you. And I and I agree with you, and I also think it's absolutely fine for Ellen Elliot whoever to play to continue to play whatever character He was he was playing. But don't then turn around and say that Halle Berry can't play a trans man like that. Either. We have the rules or we don't have the rules. But we can't have a bunch of rules that on Lee apply to some people some of the time and that's what's so crazy And this conversation is important because it's a part of a broader thing that government does all facets of life where the government picks the winners. And the losers, whether it's tax policy or freedoms and liberties or abilities to do things, it's an important conversation because this happens all the time. We weren't equal people. There are winners and losers in all facets of our existence. And this is a just a great example of that. Do whatever the hell you want to do. Call yourself whatever the hell you want to call yourself, but you are not special. Exactly. That's exactly right. And I think that you know some of the people that are asking these questions, and they're I think they're right to ask the questions because it's it's fair to ask. But others are saying Well, straight. People don't ever have to worry about losing out roles, toe trans people, and so that's why this is different. No Either. There are rules or there aren't rules, period. Let's

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