Batterygate rumbles on with compensation demand in Europe

Mac OS Ken


Apple insider says the consumer advocacy group. Euro consumers is suing apple over performance throttling issues tied to battery gate. Between apple's twenty nine dollars battery replacement program various settlements reached and the passing of seriously years. You probably thought this one was over. It's okay. I've been wrong before too. Euro consumers is suing apple and spain italy portugal and belgium belgium the peace quote elle's bruggeman had policy and enforcement at euro consumers saying apple pushed updates to mask problems with the battery knowing it would slow down phones. Bergman added that european consumers just want to be treated with the same respect that was given to consumers in the us. Yeah those settlements. I mentioned were here. Apparently not there so yeah lawsuits together. The peace says euro consumers for complaints about one hundred eighty million euros. That is just under two hundred twenty million dollars. Us in damages from apple

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