The best podcasts of 2020: Apple Podcasts unveil their shows of the year



For the first time apple. Podcast is recognized a set of shows of the year. We have a full set from all major territories public. Radio dominates the winners including npr. For code switch. The bbc for the joe wicks podcast and in australia. The abc for the eleventh. You'll find it all linked from our show notes in our newsletter today apple podcast of also curated list of the biggest shows. Biggest new shows and editorial favorites. We have a list of those to your. Local list is also in apple podcasts. The number of podcast listeners. In italy is on the increase as new research from hip sauce. Thirty percent of sixteen to sixty year olds in the country. Now listen up from twenty six percent a year before. The data also says that fifteen percent of podcast listeners. This smart speakers the buzzes. Eric johnson. Formerly vox media has launched his own independent podcasting company johnson produced. Kara swisher recode decode. His new company called bumble cast and it'll offer consulting and produce original shows for the month of november bound sprout report that thirty two percent of their downloads into apple podcasts. The twenty five percent of download to spotify google third with two point six percent. The company tells us that after some tweaks to their algorithm this is a more accurate reflection of total downloads. Towel podcasts than previous data from the company. If you're missing. Joe rogan an exclusive. Show on spotify step forward. New website called spotty feed clever piece of code in which turns an exclusive spotify show into that. Rss feed fuse. Listen to on your normal podcast player. Yes the audio still comes from. Spotify service acosta's reiterated firmly believes in the open podcasting ecosystem ross adams. The ceo of the company highlights the importance of an open industry in a blog. Post today and a slow hand clap for music. Artists drum coon. Who's the author of an album on spotify deliberately built to stop google assistant from working properly. You'll see what we mean. If you follow the link from shaina it's send our newsletter today cared entertainment and peccadillo pictures present. American cody the unbelievable tale of a legendary day named elton kid. American kotei tells the story of a legendary man unlikely hero who crossed over a thousand migrants from mexico into the us. It's new today from westwood. One pagel pictures and imperative entertainments podcast division. And it might seem crazy. What i'm about to say but ferrall is launching his own podcast network other tone media is podcast other tone starts next week. I should make you happy

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