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For a pick up of four with under three minutes remaining. In the second quarter, Robert Griffin, the third using his legs to keep this drive alive. 39 yard run on third down, and now the Ravens. Facing a second five from the Steelers. 32 yard line. The CDC breath in out of the shotgun. Yes, yes, which in the backfield play clock is down to five. Is it now? A penalty Barker. With two seconds on the play clock. There's Ron Torbert 12 players of the defense in formation to five yard penalty still second out. Dealers had an extra man on the field. You do, and they still do. It's very odd. You don't really see those guys. Economist aches for the Steelers, but And it's zee free yardage right there instead of second five. You got second and nine. And finally, here comes that. 12th guy. That is the first Steelers penalty. Here this game. We've played nearly two full quarters. They have committed two turnovers has have the Ravens following the Penalty. It is now second down and one from the Steelers 28 yard line. Steelers with 12 7 leads as Griffin takes the staff takes the head off the Edwards running to his right, and many pulls up hobbling out of bounds. So Robert Griffin, the third on the keeper. Now walking back potentially towards the field as we hit the two minute warning in Pittsburgh. Don't know if that's a hamstring or an ankle, but he was clearly limping. That's gotta be a hamstring. He's going back to the huddle right now. But I have to check that out here in the two minute one, so we have reached the two minute warning sponsored by Wrangler. You think you know Regular teams Check out Wrangler Com today to discover new styles and all the latest Getem trends a minute 57 urinating in the second quarter in Pittsburgh Steelers

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