The Doctor's Wife


So it seems to people that knew her della Dante Satorius spent her entire life using and abusing every man who crossed her path. Falling in love with her was like falling into a spider's Web. Now. This guy was lonely and Della didn't come with a warning label said Doctor Daryl Satorius. Allowed himself to be tangled into that web very quickly. Oh, he jumped right in both feet feet first as they say when they got married in nineteen ninety five. He had no idea none who wife really was yes, and I would think is a wealthy man. You do a background check, but he did find her a dating service. So maybe he trusted them and they let him down. But you know many people recognized that something was off about her. She was the pretty second wife of the doctor but there was obviously something really fake they're. Even, her name was a fake because Dante had been born della. She'd been married at least four times before and all of her previous relationships had ended badly, put it mildly some in some very hateful violence and a lot of property destruction. Those mother name is And she recognizes something was different about della since her early childhood. Oga had met Dallas Father Jim when he was stationed in Liverpool England, he was a soldier who's originally from Kentucky. Jim and August. Fell in love and married as soon as they got back to the United States. They moved into Jim's hometown of OCSAR. In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains Olga plan to move to the city of Cincinnati as soon as they could afford to do that. Yoga. Really. Went through some tough times as a girl. Her house had been bombed during World War Two, and she'd been forced to live in an air raid shelter with her siblings for five years. She was sent to North Wales and as a little girl, she watched men with large canvas bags, remove arms, legs, and other body parts from the nearby homes. So she was sent to live in Liverpool and go to Catholic. School. where she was taught how to be the ideal housewife. So they basically taught her baking cleaning doing laundry cooking, her of important things because that's what she was bound to be. There really weren't any choices presented to her, but shoe was determined before leaving England logo, go into college to study business, and she learned to type really well, well enough to get a secretarial job and she was working in the airport when she met Jim. She was only sixteen and Jim was twenty one. His family was poor. They were really kind to her. So her parents approved of him and they gave their blessing for her to move to the US and Mary. Jim You know they had a lot of kids to deal with not much money. So if they could find someone to take care of one of them, there are probably relieved to plus right? Yeah. So in August wish came true after less than two years in the United States Ogun Gym moved to. Cincinnati Jim worked in a machine shop and he made a pretty good living after Olga had given birth to two daughters Jim fell ill he died of cancer when Della was two years old. And her Donna was an infant. So isn't that incredibly sad I'm very young man in his twenties. STREGIC. Oga At this point is just maybe twenty. Yes she was quite pretty. So within a few months, she did find someone new which she really needed because very difficult back then in her situation to work and raise these little kids. So luckily she met Jean Mellow a nice guy, and he became her second husband and he was happy to adopt her two daughters. Let last Adela did not like gene. Even, though she couldn't have remembered too much about Jim she began to idolize his memory. She kept a picture of him minister service uniform over her bed calling him her daddy in heaven. And as she got older, she developed new memories of Jim and of creating them in her mind and she began to call him the only person who ever loved her. Into turf one her. Yes she was so young. It's just weird that she would do that. Bogan Jin soon had a daughter together and they named her sheryl. When Cheryl was a newborn? Della threatened to smother her. And as the family grew and gene Olga had more kids, della became worse more and more upset. Her sister Donna described Dell is just a mean kit. Della frightened. She would tell her that neighborhood dog would sure hands off. Now this is a friendly old slab of the dog and the kids played with them a lot but. Delo like to Kinda threatened on. You'RE GONNA shoot up. We'll just sounds like she was always causing trouble and the really scary part is that this dog ended up mutilated and killed an alley nearby. and. Della took Donna

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