The Murder of Karina Vetrano

Sword and Scale


Sixteen year old retired firefighter fill the TROTTO is a proud New Yorker. He grew up in the big apple. Raised his family there. Was Even a first responder to Ground Zero on nine eleven. For Him. All seem normal on August second twenty sixteen another sunny summer day as he enjoyed his retirement at home in Howard beach. A middle to upper class neighborhood in the borough of Queens. That afternoon, his thirty year old daughter Karina trotto invited him to go jogging through spring. Creek, Park as they had many times before. This particular day however Phil had a bag and decided against going for a run. But this didn't discourage Carina. She was an avid runner and it was a beautiful day. He was going for a jog with or without him. They'll new his daughters jogging trail that it was known to occasionally attract migrants. Expressed, concerned about her going alone. I don't think it's a good idea told her. But CORINNA. was. Being Carita. After all she'd run this same trail by herself many times before. Don't worry daddy she said before leaving. I'll be okay. But worry would begin to set in when late afternoon churn to evening And Karina at still not returned from her jog. Fill. Called her cell phone. No answer. And he called again. And again. And again. Still. No. Answer. and. No Return Call. What Phil didn't know is that Corinna was unable to answer her phone. And she would never. Be Coming Home Again War. Anger. We've all felt it. Whether IT'S A. Annoy annoyance a full full-on rage. Or somewhere in between. But. How we manage our anger is different for everyone. Some people manage their anger by counting to ten. Or perhaps taking a moment to focus on your breathing. Others go to the gym and lift weights or punch a punching bag. Some people repeat a mantra to calm themselves down while others talked with therapist or take anger management classes. Whatever the method managing your anger is more important than you realize because when something makes us angry and. We don't deal with it. It can manifest and lead us to taking out our anger on other people that have nothing to do with what made us angry in the first place. In psychology this is known as displacement. Or more specifically displaced aggression. And the interesting yet scary thing about displaced aggression. Is that it is a defense mechanism. And it usually occurs unconsciously. Let's pretend your boss yelled at you for something that wasn't your fault and they just won't listen to reason. Vending your frustration at that point on them. Could get you fired. So you hold onto your anger until you get home. Where you find yourself almost without realizing it. Snapping at your spouse or your children or even your pet at some minor irritation at they've caused. This scenario is an example of displaced aggression. When all your frustration has built to a near breaking point in a small unrelated action tips over. Unleashing disproportionate outpouring of anger when guilty of this behavior at some point in our lives to varying degrees. But for most of us, it's not really a big problem. We apologize for our brief angry temper if we need to. And move on. But can displaced aggression caused someone to do something that they cannot apologize for? Something that they can't take back. Something violent. Could displace. Digression. Caused someone to murder a complete stranger. Unfortunately as you'll soon learn. The answer. Is Yes. I'm an angel purity. I am an angel yearning from charity. I'm an angel, his wings so wide ready to take flight. I am an angel with a dark side. This is Korean. Toronto reciting a poem she wrote called the Paradox in the twenty thirteen short film with the same name.

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