Department of Justice sues Google for antitrust violation


Think one of the most important things that this justice department could do is to bring an antitrust suit before I have this job I was Attorney General the State of Missouri was I think the first attorney general the nation to bring an antitrust investigation of Google I'm delighted now that all fifty state attorneys general plus DC had this an investigation underway and the US Department of Justice Antitrust suit against Google is absolutely warranted and probably against facebook also. So that's number one. I do think we need to change our laws to get at this concentration of power that these tech companies have amassed in. We can do that along several fronts number one consumers on have control over their dad consumers on to have the right to say I don't. WanNa be tracked around the Internet. I want to control all data be able to say no, you can't track me unless explicitly consent to it they ought to be able to give their data back to have the big companies delete that down behavioral advertising, which is where most of these companies Google facebook where they really make their money behavioral advertising I believe should. Not Be immunized by section two, thirty of the Communications Decency Act that famous shield that immunity shield that has allowed these companies to become the became us that they are I don't think they ought to get immunity for behavioral advertising I think it's outside the scope of the Act Congress ought to make that clear. That would remove much incentive for these companies. To track and to spy and surveillance and sell that data all doesn't service to behavioral targeted advertising I. Don't think they should get the immunity shield for that and finally Jerry I would say that it's time to provide section to thirty itself. At another way if these companies enforce their terms of service, unequally, individuals ought to be able to take them to court. They're treated the tech companies are unlike any other media company in America they are immunized from sue just about across the board they have all the power individuals no power. It's time to redress that else. So Congressman Facility you talk about a range of options what are the options that appeal to you I agree with Senator Much Senator Holly Just said, look we. Want. Competition back in the digital marketplace. Many of the problems that are discussing this afternoon are a direct result of the enormous market power. The dominance of these large technology firms in the absence of competition has resulted in a decline in innovation oppressive contracts unfair practice anti competitive behaviors than simply are permitted because of the huge size and power of these platforms. So what? We really want is antitrust enforcement that brings real competition into the marketplace that will allow a consumers to have more control of their data that will allow consumers to have greater privacy protections that will prevent these platforms and engaging in anti competitive behaviour the favors, their own products and services that that doesn't allow them to acquire data that then premier them to acquire competitors. To bully competitors to exclude people from their market. So I think all of the good competition policy that we fought so hard to include in the history of our country needs to be protected and we need to bring real competition to this digital marketplace. I do want to say this notion of unequal treatment look I know there is I, think one of my two colleagues. Warning as a baseless fantasy grievance that the engine somehow biased against conservative voices. That's simply not true. In fact, if you look at the vast majority, every day of the highest rankings, their conservative websites just did it before I came on today nine out of ten are Fox, News Dan Bongino Donald Trump, Jay sekulow fox, and friends Margaret. There's one NPR that's not considered a Republican or Conservative. So that's just not a real issue, but the dissemination of also permission. Is Real. We saw it in the two thousand, sixteen campaign. We're seeing it again here, and this is the challenge is how do platforms deal with this very serious and pernicious problem that is undermining our democracy, the widespread dissemination of false information every time there's a discussion about section two thirty is certain attempt to bully these classrooms roads because of this claim of conservative bias, it just doesn't exist and we have a real problem here that we need to

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