Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad


The New York Post breaks a story about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. And essentially, the story is this 100 Biden, who is in fact a crack, and I mean he is is a drug addict. He's an unsavory character. He has several hey, has had many affairs with various different Women. He's he's amassed. 100 100. Biden is just a mess is a mess of a human being. And not Joe's fault, per se. I mean, there were lots of good parents who have a message for Children. But it is Joe's fault that Joe has allowed Hunter Biden to run across the world, picking up sacks of cash by trading on his last name. And that is 100,000 has been doing for years. Right victim. Sacks of cash in China picked up sacks of cash in Ukraine, and for a long time conservatives have been focused in on 100 Biden's activities with regard to charisma. Now the original narrative with regard a breeze must breeze. My Satan is a natural gas and oil company in Ukraine, 100 was sitting on the board of the company and picking up checks for $50,000 a month despite the fact that he didn't know anything. About natural gas or oil, despite the fact that he himself was a personal mess. The only reason he was on that board is because he was related to Joe Biden. Joe Biden was then the vice president of the United States and largely in charge of Ukrainian policy. Well, Joe Biden and bragged on tape about getting one of the chief prosecutor's over in Ukraine fired He threatened with hold $1 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine until they fired this guy. Joe Biden always claimed that it had nothing to do with Hunter. This prosecutor claimed that he was about to investigate bereavement that was the company Hunter was working for. The chain has never quite been made. So there's a lot of controversy over the over whether Victor Shokhin, who was that prosecutor was actually going to prosecute charisma. There was indeed a lot of focus on Victor Shokhin is a possible corrupt figure inside Ukraine. Lot of people in Europe wanted. See Victor Show can go as the chief prosecutor in Ukraine, Biden has always claimed that his firing of victim Victor Shokhin was on the up and up. Soaking has always claimed that it was corrupt. That controversy has been out there for quite a while. What is unchallenged is that Joe Biden's family members ranging from his brother to his son, use his name in order to make money for themselves. And that does have an element of corruption to it. Now, The best that you can say about it is that Joe Biden turned a blind eye to it. Right. And this is sort of like show has argued Joe Biden has said, Well, I didn't know about it. Nobody ever did anything. Nobody ever did anything, man. Nobody. Come on, man. Come on. I never no, no. Come on. Okay, so Here's the bombshell. The New York Post reports that 100 Biden actually brokered a meaning between a Ukrainian oligarchs who was a breeze, MMA chief member and Joe Biden directly That's what one of these emails tended to suggest. So here's the story from the New York Post 100 Biden introduce his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, top executive in the Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressure government officials into Ukraine into in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who is investigating the company, according to emails obtained by the post. Never before revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that are sky and an advisor to the Board of Charisma allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17th 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the charisma board and reported salary of up to 50 grand a month. The email reads Deer hunter. Thank you for inviting me to D C and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together. It's really an honor and a pleasure. An earlier email from May 2014. Also shows are sky reportedly bereavement number three exact asking Hunter for advice on how you could use your influence on the company's behalf. A blockbuster correspondence is The New York Post reports flies in the face of Joe Biden's claim that he has never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. It's containing a massive from of data recovered from a laptop computer. Computer was dropped off, apparently at a repair shop in Biden's home state of Delaware in April 2019, according to the store's owner, other material extracted from the computer, including raunchy 12 Minute video that appears to show Admitted struggling with addiction problems smoking crack. Well engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images. The customer who brought in the water damage Mac book pro for a pair never paid for the service were retrieved it or a higher drive on which its contents restored, according to the shop owner who said he tried repeatedly to contact Shop owner couldn't positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden but said that the laptop for a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, named after hundreds of late brother and former Delaware attorney general Photos of a devil or a federal subpoena given to the Post show that both the computer and hard drive was seized by the FBI in December after the shop's owner says he alerted the feds to their existence before turning over the gear, according to the shop owner. He made a copy of the hard drive and later gave it to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's later Barbara Costello. Steve Bannon, the former adviser to President Trump told the post about the existence of the hard drive in late September. Giuliani provided the post with a copy of it on Sunday. Less than eight months after Bashar sky thanks Hunter Biden for the introduction to his dad, the then vice president admittedly pressure Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk into getting rid of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokhin by threatening to withhold a $1 billion US loan guarantee during a December 2015 trip to Kiev by an infamously brag to the Council on Foreign Relations. I looked at them and said I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired. You're not getting money.

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