A Conversation About Intermittent Fasting


I welcome to the show. It's great to have you on here today Amazon, pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me yeah. I'm really excited to chat about fasting today because it is something that I have personal interest in, and it's not something that we actually covered on the podcast for a long time before we dive deeper into fasting what it's all about maybe can tell our listeners what fasting is all about? Yes show. So I everyone filming them of festive and maybe I'll just start off about myself how we got into this. So growing up I was always passionate about sports unhealthy lifestyle in. My teenage years I was getting into Ganic Foods, and will my friends actually would make fun of me because it wasn't at the time like ten years ago during my late teens though I had a car accident and I just located shoulder, I had rations to fix it login that time I was bedridden. So the whole process lasted about a year and a half unnaturally I was experimenting with different diets to maintain my my way because I couldn't exercise on a what I came to the conclusion that time that by it's really harmful. So I noticed that most diets that was restrictive and I couldn't see myself. Not being able to eat certain foods on a long-term basis like that just was not for me, and so eventually stumbled onto fasten myself without even knowing it actually what I was really doing I was easing in the afternoon visits. First thing in the mornings what I usually did an a notice that has a lot more energy and a felt mentally stronger, which really helped me get through the healing process with my shoulder and the funny thing action during that time Martin I'm it's the bastion who was my co phone comes from a background where his parents have been fascinated posts for over twenty five years so. They run the fussing hotel in Germany and they've helped orders a fasting hotel fessing leg for a long-term Fassulo. That's where people they come to the hotel and they get guidance from the best parents through the week of detoxing there buddy. That's where the body just goes without foods and just has lot of water tea and broth in the evening, just the chance to not focus on the gestion but on heating its body in repairing itself. So this is like getting a big thing he in. Germany we see that with the parents I don't know how it is over there and the US actually. I've I've seen a documentary on Netflix of lace, and so I'm sure you guys will have something that as well. But it's it's very interesting thing we can go into gamma I wouldn't be surprised if we have something like a while fasting retreat I guess it would call. It's a bit like well, a reset ride like you WanNa make a change and this could be like your starting point of doing so you have a show so. Passing special long-term fast brings a lot of benefits because it's important that you you actually give yourself time to relax. So we don't recommend to actually work. do any of a kind of things that stress you out but just that you take the time for yourself, I mean we live in a really fast fast life nowadays. Just for actually we setting your body, but also forgetting back to like what the connection between body mind soul, right Before we go actually point into that. You still have already told us what fasting is. Carried Away with that. So fast is that guides people twelve a healthy lifestyle through intimate infesting. So we offer a holistic approach to health combined with fasting so that people can reach the individual health goals sustainably inflexibly. So basically fantastic, we are working with nutritionists medical professionals so that we provide the solutions that people can trust and reach personal goals and adapted to the needs. is all about also sorts of what? Types of goals do people typically have when they come to you is weight loss is it health? What are those? It's actually very different several goals like obviously everyone is is is different and has different needs, and that's why we we have. So strongly, therefore we are trying to pursue to hustle is everything to us because some people want to lose weight. Yes. True. Some people want to focus more on. On a healthy healthy lifestyle and get more education going there some people actually just wants to have a better focus on my energy will fessing can can lead to as well. So they're just very very different goals while while will you come to? So it's like a very wide range of of goals in these. It's so important to US allies it to to them right and what would be like a good example. Maybe something that that he may be more often than not live. Let's say somebody in in weight loss, but maybe they have something some different routine like what what type of recommendations do you get them then? So there it's actually that we we tried to figure out where the US is at the at the current stage in where he wants to go to what is goals, and if he's a beginning then obviously which. Lead him into fasting with not like him abrupt end and. Has Way but tried to guide him into that because at the end of the day, it's about mindfulness. So it. Is, obviously, recommended, and guided different than a more experienced faster. So for example, if we would say someone wants to lose weight I'm we would send him if he's beginning to do fourteen ten, that means he's got to fasting window fourteen hours in eating window of ten hours. But if he would be more experienced than we would go for hours of fasting ten hours of eating but also recommend certain healthy habits what he can. Actually track and where we will guiding with with fastest

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