Judge Amy Coney Barrett notes when she adopted daughter, says George Floyd video was personal for family


Money. Barry talking about her adoption of two Children from Haiti. When Jesse and I were engaged. We met another couple who had adopted in this instance It was a couple of it adopted a child with special needs, And then we also met. Another couple had adopted a few Children internationally, and we decided at that point, while we were engaged that at some point in the future. We wanted to do that ourselves on guess we had imagined initially that we would have whatever biological kids that we had decided. TTO have and then adopt at the end, But after we had our first daughter, Emma We thought. Well, why wait? Okay, well, that does not seem like an unsympathetic, terrible person to me, which is what Democrats would prefer to paint her as they're also prefer to paint her as a racist. It makes it kind of difficult and she's obviously not a racist. So here is a CB talking about the George Floyd video and watching it with her two black Children. I was there on my 17 year old daughter, Vivian, who's adopted from Haiti. All of this was erupting. It was very difficult for her way wept together. In my room, and then it was also difficult for my daughter, Juliet, whose 10 I had to try to explain some of this to them. I mean, my Children to this point in their lives had had the benefit of growing up in a cocoon where they have not yet experienced. Hatred or violence on DH for Vivian. You know, I understand that there would be a risk to her brother or the son. She might have one day of that kind of brutality. Has been an ongoing conversation. It's a difficult one for us like it is for Americans all over the country, and the other problem for them is it turns out that Amy Barrett does represent a lot of viewpoints from the middle of the country. She lives a lifestyle that many in the middle of the country can identify. The people on the coast sometimes have trouble identifying

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