A highlight from Kelly Killoren Bensimon on Reality TV and Personal Brand Building



Should just jump in. I wanna learn more about you. And i can't wait for our listeners to hear so i mean most of our listeners. Probably know you from real housewives. But i read an interview of yours and you said you weren't born with the silver spoon so would love to hear about your life before the show. I think that i just when you go on these shows. People are just like okay. You're on the show that you must have done this. You must've done that. It's nice to be able to have your own narrative recite pre shit. You can't you're so sweet to do some from rockford illinois which is actually ninety miles. North west of chicago actually closer to wisconsin near madison wisconsin. So i'm from there. I have a twin brother. Who's a lawyer. My mother was an interior decorator into teacher. She was a really credible woman. My father was a lawyer. he's retired. I went to a lot of schools. When i was younger. I think that's something that people don't know so i went to a public school a private school and other public school and other private school and then finally. When i got into high school i went to a private school. So my formative years were really kind of i would sailing disconnected not because of my family life but because of my academic lives so that was really of difficult had to learn to make friends quickly was always you know new people new faces from all over rockford and so there was never a like one demographic it was always really mixed which i really appreciated and i had a lot of great friends from a lot of different walks of life and it was good news but it was very difficult academically to try to manage new teachers. New expectations new frameworks in terms of academics. Some schools were really good. Ones board other schools didn't have those sports so it was just kind of you know. Cycle was barely kind of mixed back. I started modeling when i was sixteen. How did that all happen. Crazy like fifty two years old crazy. So let's see. I was basically the might one of my dad's clients. No he said. Oh you're beautiful. She so how old is she. She's so tall. Fifteen introduced me to photographer. Took pictures of me. And then i put them in this. There's a singing teen magazine for elite to be like a new model and so my brother take pictures of me and i was a runner-up Crawford for this elite back but my hair was like i had once i was in long hair and then for some reason i decided model. And what do i do. I cut this part of mayor. So i had like a bi level haircut. My god kind of amazing now. Kind of a major one side was short bob. Yeah there's was long it was like actually do really really good but boy i'm not gonna orange lake geneva here a modeling and he was just like i hit your hair. We're breaking up so that you know the same party. See a nice started modeling cindy and i. She's a little older than i am. And so she was like you know the sex kitten and i was like sporty like you know young girl which was really funny and fun. You don't work for victims. Naski may company out of cleveland for marshall fields in chicago bit really back and forth a lot from new york mid from Chicago to offered and then a scout came from new york that following summer and they were like we want you to come to new york for a couple of weeks so i went to new york for a week and my first casting was with patrick. Demarchelier i was wearing white tree torrens white tennis shorts and a white polo shirt. I had no idea where i was just like. I'm just gonna walk around like i'm like going in chicago chicago because it wasn't like a model look like it was like the nineties. They didn't tell you how to do or how to dress like you're supposed to get dressed up you're supposed to show up. Yeah that was my show about. It was like white turin's White you love. that should have like. Oh my god love love love so anyway. That's i met him in heat. That's his big clinton heat. Talk to anyone about meeting. These always like i know kelly and meadows. She was wearing white shorts. Look like one so then to start. Modelling from there i actually. It's so funny. Because when i was sixteen i actually went on a casting and i met my ex husband when i was sixteen but he. He never like meeting me. But i remember meeting going on a casting is so crazy. I always think about that like do. I know the person that i'm going to marry already. I another cast had no idea no so crazy. I know it's so funny. Because i'm like i know so many people in new york but like there's not one person that i would even want to date let alone mary's so it's like crazy to think maybe i've met him in passing like you did and then like they come back around cave noida easy you can tell on. Kelly street deli. This guy he by gum bug. We locked eyes. I've met him five years before. I met him and he obviously had idea. I had no idea how sixteen like i was like. Who are you. i guess like them oral. That story is like you know for you and for me to keep your eyes open. You know what i mean. So after that i just started modeling and then my dad is an academic and it was like you can't just model you have to. Even though i was making a lot of money. I was was the face of an taylor. I was working for all these. Mademoiselle and all these magazines.

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