The Art of Love


Hi dr de martini. Thank you so much for joining us on the show today. Well thank you for having me today. We're gonna talk about the art of love and how we can find love and a fulfilling relationship and you chose for our topic to to call it the are of love so we thought we could start with having you tell us how you think about love in why it is an art. Well i'm sure that many of the people that might be listening have learned the difference hopefully by now between fantasies and real love you know. Many people have a dopamine amid lead driven infatuation with a fantasy kind of serotonin and dopamine drive and create a fantasy about an individual is instead of actually getting to know who the real individual is and loving that whole individual and their fantasies can lead to the counter-balancing nightmares with false expectations. But i like to find. Define love is embracing of of the supportive and challenging components of an individual. People want to be loved for their wholeness. Not for just half nece. And i'd like to think of the art of love is the art of recognizing both sides expecting both sides Because each individual has a set of priorities are set of values live their life by whatever is most important to them. The life revolves around and their identity revolves around. And if you do things that in their perceptions support that they're going to be very nice and kind and open. If you do things that challenge it they're going to be playing the opposite side. There can be some time kolding and more clinically. You know. sometimes. I mean even and if you embrace both sides know that to give feedback on how to effectively and respectfully communicate what you value in terms of what they value learn. The art of love part of love is is the embracing of both sides of ourselves and others in the pursuit of what's deeply meaningful. Both to both people.

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